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ALBUM RELEASE: Mavradoxa - Nightmarrow

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, May 2, 2019 Under: Mavradoxa
Mavradoxa's third full-length album "Nightmarrow" is officially released today!

The CD version of "Nightmarrow" is available to order on the Hypnotic Dirge webshop. In addition, a Nightmarrow bundle which included the CD, a shirt, a signed card, button, and sticker is also available, as is a CD pack which included Mavradoxa's 2017 full-length "Lethean Lament". 

For those who prefer digital, the album is available on Bandcamp as a "Name-your-price" download, as well as streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, etc

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Album notes:
After hunkering down to record this winter, Laurentian Black Metal band Mavradoxa has completed work on their third album, Nightmarrow, following 2016's Sojourners and 2017's Lethean Lament. Mavradoxa's third album, although related to the tonal atmosphere and character of previous albums sees the band developing and intensifying their song-writing ability crafting simultaneously cohesive yet unpredictable songs with a progressive hue that is still rooted in Atmospheric Black Metal. 

Nightmarrow is a meditation on the isolation and hopelessness of our age (particularly in the realm of the urban), and the consequences of technology and voracious consumption of resources. The nightmarrow, the specters here are the distillation of our negative qualities: the interminable urge to consume, to control, and the chaos that results, this malevolent part of our human nature lurking in all the woe and decay we've created. 

The spirit of the album is rooted in the cycle of bloom and decay. It juxtaposes the purity of nature and the encroaching venom of urbanity. It contemplates the futility of technological advancement. It questions what would become of the planet if we continue down our current path into annihilation, if it would be left a hollow shell, or if new life could ever bloom in the soil of our remains. 

Nightmarrrow was Engineered by Nicholas Alan at Subterranean Studios, Mixed by Stephen Parker (Pillorian, Maestus) and Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx Recording. 

The album artwork for Nightmarrow was concocted by Dylan Garrett Smith, an artist whose work similarly conjures humanity's relationship and growing distance with the natural world. 

"Nightmarrow is a very strong follow up to a very strong second album. Very highly recommended for anyone with a taste for black metal with real personality and character."
-Wonderbox Metal

"Nightmarrow is a stunning piece of work. A genuinely original piece of work in a genre that is packed full of generic bands. ... This is one of the most original black metal albums I have heard in many years.  I’ve felt as excited about it as I was the first time I heard black metal. It is beautiful, nasty, hypnotising, cathartic, aggressive, blasting and sublime."
-Musipedia of Metal

"Mavradoxa have always excelled at capturing the beauty of nature through the power of well composed music."
-Welcome to the Metal

"This is the kind of melodic black metal I come for, and this one will keep me interested for a while to come."
-Nine Circles

1 - Maple (7:41)
2 - The Carrion Shade (9:25)
3 - Nightmarrow (9:34)
4 - Rustling Leaves (1:45)
5 - Black Crystal Snowfall (10:57)
6 - Umbra (3:40)
Total Length: 43:05

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