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ALBUM RELEASE: Negative Voice - Cold Redrafted

Posted by Nick Skog on Monday, April 11, 2016 Under: Negative Voice
Today marks the release of the Negative Voice's new album "Cold Redrafted" on Hypnotic Dirge Records / BadMoodMan Music!


Based in Moscow, Negative Voice have been in existence since 2000. After an independently released EP in 2010, they released their debut album “Infinite Dissonance” in 2013 on Inverse Records which received a lot of favourable reviews and comparisons to old-Katatonia, October Tide, and Daylight Dies. It was with this album that Negative Voice drew our attention as well and we featured them on Hypnotic Dirge’s 2013 compilation release. Since then, Negative Voice has been busy writing a follow-up album to a solid debut, with the result being an album entitled “Cold, Redrafted” ready for release in March 2016 on Hypnotic Dirge Records and BadMoodMan Music.

“Cold, Redrafted” builds upon what is found on the debut and adds a lot of new elements as well. At its core, the album is still Blackened Doom in the vein of the genre giants, but on this album Negative Voice expands on that, adding clean vocals, experimenting with song structure and textures, and including influences from other genres, enthralling melodies and a progressive sound to an album drenched in darkness. Creative melodies and riffs as well as a masterful command of song flow aid in making this an extremely solid album filled with instantly memorable songs.

 This past weekend, ahead of the album release, the knowledgeable and dedicated blog "No Clean Singing" premiered the album on their website and had the following the say about Cold Redrafted:

"The skill with which the band dynamically integrate the stylistic elements of doom, progressive metal, post-metal, death metal, and black metal is impressive. They spin out spellbinding melodies with the same sure hand that they use to unleash barbaric fusillades of raking tremolo riffs or rain down boulders of pavement-cracking doom. The end result is music that’s mentally engrossing and memorable, yet completely galvanizing and pulverizing in its heaviness. And all the songs are winners — there are no weak links in this mighty chain.

 The vocals display a similar variety, moving from very good clean, clear vocals to bestial growls and sulphuric blackened shrieks. The instrumental performers are all obviously quite talented and creative, and the music is beautifully produced in a way that provides both clarity and immense physical impact."

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