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ALBUM RELEASE: stroszek - about all the bad days in the world

Posted by Hypnotic Dirge Records on Friday, December 15, 2023 Under: stroszek
Tonight, on the brink of the winter equinox, stroszek's first new album in 11 years officially releases! Cold bleak music for the cold and bleak days ahead.

As always, this album is available for unlimited streaming and name-your-price digital download - as all our releases are - and for those who are interested in the physical product, we have some very elegant looking digisleeves available!

Please note that the last shipping day of the year is Wednesday Dec 20. Order by Tuesday morning to have your order shipped before our shipping pause. Shipping will pick back up on January 2, 2024.

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Album notes:

After a lengthy period of silence, stroszek returns this winter with its new album ‘about all the bad days in the world.’

Formed in 2007 by Claudio Alcara, the guitarist and founder of Frostmoon Eclipse, one of Italy’s original, and longest serving black metal bands, stroszek is a project bringing forth various elements of dark neo-folk, goth rock, and western music blending together seemingly irreconcilable sounds to craft something that is all about feeling and introspection. Contemplation and stories about life are at the forefront of the vibe in stroszek's music.

On ‘about all the bad days in the world’, stroszek continues its solitary journey into the colorless realm of melancholy. While fans will recognize the signature guitar style and vocal delivery that Claudio used on previous albums, subtle soundscapes and production elements enter this new musical chapter, adding dynamic and enhanced imagery to the album, while carrying the listener further into the artist’s personal fragmented cityscape.

1 - Awkward (4:59)
2 - Fall Of '94 (2:59)
3 - Scrap Wood (3:04)
4 - Reality Check (4:58)
5 - Sidetracked (ft. Henri Koivula of Shape of Despair Official) (2:18)
6 - The Stoppin' Off Places (The Walkabouts) (2:59)
7 - Some Waiting Room (4:09)
8 - Guess What? (2:59)
9 - Any History Of Heartbreak (3:34)
10 - Wasn't Really Gone (4:04)
11 - The Beast Who Dreams Of Man (4:18) Bandcamp Player:

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