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ALBUM RELEASE: Subterranean Disposition - Individuation

Posted by Hypnotic Dirge Records on Friday, August 25, 2023 Under: Subterranean Disposition
Today marks the official CD release of the new Subterranean Disposition album - Individuation. Although the digital version of the album was released at the end of June, the CD was not available until today! However, the CD's arrived here about a month ago and we've been shipping out pre-orders as they come in! Now, however, the album is officially out - give it a listen and get yourself a CD if you like it!

Main Store: "Individuation" CD | 3 CD Bundle
EU Store: "Individuation" CD | 3 CD Bundle
Bandcamp | Youtube

Album Notes:
Seven long years on from their sophomore release, Subterranean Disposition returns in 2023 with a new full-length work, Individuation.

Building on previous releases, a self-titled debut in 2012 and Contagiuum and the Landscapes of Failure in 2016, this third outing sees Dan Nahum return to the drum throne, as well as the addition of Justin Min, a live member of the group since 2018, on Bass. With a powerful rhythm section behind Terry’s compositions, the new music continues the Doom lineage of the group, albeit at times through Death metal, Black metal and Experimental Lenses to shape long songs moving through dynamically different musical landscapes with ease, prompting the listener lyrically to look to ones inner world for guidance, inspired by the work of Carl Jung.

Individuation was recorded in several locations over the course of two years and mixed and mastered by Adam Calaitzis at Toyland studios in Melbourne. The album cover art comes from the talented Dan Sealey at Atmoscreative.

1 - Arduous Becoming (10:25)
2 - Haunted Optimist (9:11)
3 - Individuation (10:33)
4 - Archetypal (7:55)
5 - Shadow Work (7:59)
Total: 46:05

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