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ALBUM RELEASE: Swampborn - Beyond Ratio

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, June 17, 2022 Under: Swampborn
Today, we release the debut album of Russian Post-Black Metal band SWAMPBORN, entitled "Beyond Ratio".

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Combining assertive (post) black metal with a powerful and solid, at times almost death metal sound, its music comes as a massive flow of energy, consisting of a flurry of drums, multi-layered guitar canvases, piercing melodies and expressive vocals, rusty and ominous like an apocalyptic sermon.

While at the core the band's music is based on modern black metal, it uses many unexpected infusions, embodied through the use of additional instruments, such as keyboards, synths, brass, violin and cello, and even accordion. Being a concept work, "Beyond Ratio" is full of various mood changes and unconventional moves, such as post-industrial backgrounds and atmospheric breakdowns, which don't sound like from deathcore or modern metal, but rather like parts of twisted obscure metal structures.

The visual design of this release is also conceptional, filled with metaphysical hints and allusions. Illustrations for each track reflect and deepen their themes, while the cover and inner art reveal reflections on everyday and beyond, transient and eternal, passed through the prisms of micro- and macrocosm. Enigmatic titles of songs unfold the lyrical themes of "Beyond Ratio" - existential horror, decay of urban life and metaphysical death of the soul.

Endowed with all the features described above, Swampborn's music is able to penetrate into the most hidden depths of the human soul, exposing its bleeding wounds and cleansing it in the merciless flame of the Absolute.

"Beyond Ratio" is presented in a 4 panel digipack with an accompanying 16 page booklet. Additionally, we also have two separate shirts available designed by Yag Mort, as well as some larger bundles.

Unfortunately, while the shirts are already here, there has been a delay in the CD production, so we're expecting all orders of CD's and bundles to ship out in early July.

Despite the delay in the shipment of CD's, we hope you'll check out this album, as I genuinely believe it is something unique, intriguing, and worthy of your time. As we continue to wind down Hypnotic Dirge activity, this is likely to also be the last HDR album released while the label remains active in Canada. All good things must come to an end.

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