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ALBUM RELEASE: The Haunting Green - Natural Extinctions

Posted by Nick Skog on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 Under: The Haunting Green
The Haunting Green's debut full-length album "Natural Extinctions" is now officially released!

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The Haunting Green are Cristiano Perin (vocals, guitars, synthesizers) and Chantal Fresco (drums and percussions).  Formed in 2012 and based on North-East Italy, their music is constantly going in the direction of a coexistence within the aggressive vibes of extreme metal with ambient-drone and dark electronic music. After a debut EP and collaborative split album, The Haunting Green is ready to present their apex in the form of their debut full-length album  “Natural Extinctions”. 

Exploring the inability of human beings to preserve their innocence and bond with nature during their existence, and relating the inevitable destiny of every human being to inhibit, suppress and lose, along his life, some of the most pure and atavistic aspects of their own soul in order to adapt and live with the hostile environment that surrounds him, “Natural Extinctions” weaves these themes throughout to explore our lost innocence and repressed symbiosis with nature and each other. Adaptability on the one hand strengthens and leads to move forward, but, on the other hand, corrupts and makes us lose the most spiritual and pure side of us: the most precious.

Recorded Mixed, and Mastered at El Fish Recording Studio and with the cover art illustrated by
Jessica Rassi (The Giant Lab).

“Natural Extinctions” is presented as a 6 panel digipack alongside an all-weather logo sticker.

1- Lazarus Taxon (6:47)
2- Natural Extinction (8:51)
3- The Void Above (6:05)
4- Litha (7:00)
5- Where Nothing Grows (9:36)
6- Rites of Passage (7:12)
7- Luminous Lifeforms (4:08)
Total playing time: 49:42

"If there’s one thing at which The Haunting Green truly excel, it’s the way they build tension through a combination of mood, melody, and atmosphere."
-Indy Metal Vault

"The overall result is a modern album with an ancient taste, exalting the stress on the atavistic long for an irrecoverable innocence that men seem doomed to ravish.  Each song becomes, in this sense, a poetic reflection that moves between the feral and the pure, combining black metal shrieks and fine melodies, all supported by a dynamic drumming."
-Cvlt Nation

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