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ALBUM RELEASE: Womb - Deception Through Your Lies

Posted by Nick Skog on Sunday, November 29, 2015 Under: Release News
ALBUM RELEASE: Womb - Deception Through Your Lies
November 30, 2015

The debut album from the Spanish Funeral Doom band "Womb" is available on CD for the first time as of today from Hypnotic Dirge Records and Solitude Productions! 200 copies are available for sale from each label.

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Hypnotic Dirge Records and Solitude Productions presents the debut album from the Spanish death-doom band “Womb”, entitled “Deception Through Your Lies.” The album was released digitally by the band earlier this year and now it will be released in physical format for the first time! In “Deception Through Your Lies” musicians move towards enrichment of atmospheric doom death metal by different techniques and methods, making the composition diverse and rich. Heavy but melancholic music filled with endless melody will appeal to anyone who appreciates not only the outer side of doom death metal consisting of catchy riffs and dense guitar sound, but also its sensual side awakening thoughts and feelings.

"Deception Through Your Lies" tracklist:
1 - Echoes of Our Scars
2 - Ends
3 - March
4 - Equisdistant
5 - Forgotten by her Bliss

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