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Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, July 29, 2022 Under: Hypnotic Dirge Records

We are now launching the second round of our summer sale, once again lasting for one week, but with a greater discount this time around!!
From Today July 29, until next Thursday August 4, you can now get get 30% off any order over $50, and 40% off any order over $100!
This offer applies to everything in our shop, from Hypnotic Dirge releases and merch, as well as our extensive distro of 1000+ titles.

Simply fill your cart as usual, and use either the code "30OFF" or "40OFF" depending on if your order is over $50 or over $100

As has been alluded to, but not really spoken about in great length, Hypnotic Dirge is going through a major transitionary phase this year. Beginning in 2023, HDR will be headquartered in Portugal although some stock will remain in North America for obvious logistical reasons. On that note, hoodies and shirts will be especially difficult to ship across the ocean, so orders of merch bundles are especially appreciated right now :)

It should also be mentioned that the webshop (as well as Bandcamp) will be completely closed for orders beginning in mid-October and won't reopen again until early 2023, so keep that in mind in the coming weeks. More on this soon.

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