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PRE-ORDERS: NONE - Life has gone on long enough… [Vinyl release]

May 29, 2020
We are launching pre-orders for the release of NONE’s second album “Life has gone on long enough” on vinyl today, once again collaborating with Viridian Flame to bring you NONE’s second chapter on wax for the first time!

Much like the first record, this one will also be released in an edition of 300 copies, split evenly between Hypnotic Dirge - for North American buyers, and Viridian Flame - for European buyers. Those living outside of those regions can order from whoever they want. The record will be available in three editions, “verdant grave”, “dead and gray”, and classic black. This time around, instead of a booklet, the record will come with a panoramic 90cm x 30cm fold out double-sided poster of never-before released photography from the album photoshoot.

We are also printing a limited run of the "A Coffin for a Bed" long-sleeve shirts which was originally printed in 2018 alongside the CD/Digital release of "Life has gone on long enough" but went out of stock before the end of the year.

Release Date is July 3, 2020
Pre-orders will ship within a 1-2 week period in late June / early July


Side A
A1 - Bleak, damp, and dead (2:51)
A2 - A world, dead and gray (7:46)
A3 - Bed the cold earth (7:44)
A4 - Hypoxic (6:58)

Side B 
B5 - Corroded (5:17)
B6 - Desiderate (7:52)
B7 - Life is long enough (7:56)
B8 - Illa Tiðandi (Burzum Cover) (6:03)

Record Specs:
 300 copies, divided into 3 different colors :
--- 100 in “verdant grave” edition (transparent / green marble)
--- 100 in “dead and gray” edition (gray / black marble)
--- 100 in classic black
- 140g vinyl at 33 rpm in black poly-lined inner sleeves
- 350gsm outer sleeve, with matte lamination 
- includes a double-sided panoramic 90cm x 30cm fold out poster
- packed in a re-sealable plastic sleeve

Bandcamp Player:

*verdant grave edition

*dead and grey edition

*The sleeves / poster is still in production. We will post more photos later!


WEBSHOP UPDATE: Vendetta Records title added

May 23, 2020
Today we have new additions in the shop from Vendetta Records!

VEN175 Ligfaerd - Den ildrøde konge
VEN176 Witchcult - Cantate of the Black Mass
VEN180 Kvelgeyst - Alkahest
VEN182 Mystagogue - And the Darkness Was Cast Out into the Wilderness
VEN183 Vuraki - Aevum
VEN185 Verheerer - Monolith
VEN187 Sun Worship - Emanations of Desolation
VEN193 Scáth na Déithe - The Dirge Of Endless Mourning

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ALBUM RELEASE: Feral Light - Life Vapor

May 22, 2020
2020 marks the first release of Feral Light under the Hypnotic Dirge Records roster. The name is not new to the scene, being led by guitarist Andy Schoengrund (ex. Empires, ex. Wolvhammer), who formed Feral Light in 2015 with drummer Andrew Reesen, and shortly thereafter released a demo, an EP, and two full-lengths - 2017’s Void/Sanctity and 2019’s excellent Fear Rides a Shadow.

Firmly anchored in Blackened Post-Metal, Life Vapor - their third album -, not only builds up on the foundations...

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WEBSHOP UPDATE: May 16, 2020

May 18, 2020
We have new titles from Avantgarde Music available in our shop!

AV325 A Pale December - The Shrine of Primal Fire
AV361 Suicide Forest
AV362 Violet Cold - kOsmik
AV363 Nyss - Depayser
AV365 Aeon Winds - Stormveiled
AV366 Psicosfera - Beta
AV370 Funeral Oration - Elipha’s Love
AV371 The Ember, The Ash - consciousness torn from the void
AV375 Ison - Inner Space
AV379 Dzo-Nga - Thunder in the Mountains
AV380 sivyj yar - rope
AV382 Vastigr - Aura Aeternitatis

We're in the midst of restructuring our...

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VINYL RELEASE: NONE - Life has gone on long enough

May 7, 2020
Following the vinyl release of NONE’s debut album earlier this year, Hypnotic Dirge and Viridian Flame are thrilled to announce a vinyl release date for NONE’s second chapter “Life has gone on long enough.”

Written during the latter half of 2017, and originally released on CD and Digital formats on April 11, 2018, this momentous album will now also be available in vinyl format beginning July 3, 2020.

Much like the first record, this one will also be released in an edition of 300 copies,...

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SONG PREMIERE: Omination - The Pale Horseman

May 1, 2020
A new stand-alone track from the Apocalyptic Funeral Doom project "Omination" is now released! 
This track, entitled "The Pale Horseman" and spanning nearly 30 minutes is a commentary and interpretation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Available to stream and download for free on Bandcamp and Youtube.
Spotify, Apple Music, etc will follow shortly.

Bandcamp Player:

Youtube Stream:

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PRE-ORDERS: Feral Light - Life Vapor

May 1, 2020
We have launched pre-orders for the release of Feral Light's third full-length album "Life Vapor" which will be officially released on May 22, 2020!

Already there are two songs streaming from the album, "Assuage" and "Walking Tomb" which premiered on No Clean Singing and Toilet Ov Hell respectively

Alongside the album release on digipack CD format, are a new Feral Light shirt - featuring a front and upper back print, an embroidered patch of Feral Light's "Shield" emblem, as well as an all-weath...

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MERCH: Altars of Grief - "Eight of Swords" Shirts / Hoodies

April 23, 2020
Last week, we took some shots of the new Altars of Grief merch, designed by Dylan Garrett Smith.
"Eight of Swords" shirts and hoodies are available and shipping now!

Model: Viviana Aaren
Shirts printed by: Cursed Earth Apparel

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ALBUM RELEASE: Forlesen - Hierophant Violent

April 18, 2020
Today we release the debut album from Forlesen, entitled "Hierophant Violent", a sombre and reflective procession apt for our apocalyptic reality.

Since the launch of the abridged version of the advance track "Nightbridge", we have been in eager anticipation of this date, where we finally get to share the entire piece, in full, as intended.
This is an album that should be experienced late at night with quality headphones and an attentive mind so that is the reason for the midnight launch. If yo...

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SONG PREMIERE: Feral Light - Walking Tomb

April 18, 2020
We are pleased to unveil another offering from the upcoming Feral Light album "Life Vapor". Toilet ov Hell is premiering the track "Walking Tomb"

"Kicking off with a lumbering and extensively layered first few minutes, the twang-tinged tremolos culminate in the mid-section where the previous 3 minutes of tension cohere into a more focussed and upbeat attack. The production has an organic feel which is perfectly suited to this type of forward-thinking black metal, echoing the dismal yet addicti...

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