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PRE-ORDERS AVAILABLE: Pre-orders are now available for Eye of Solitude | Marche Funèbre Split Album || Marche Funèbre's - "Into the Arms of Darkness"

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, January 25, 2018 Under: Marche Funèbre
Pre-orders are now available for Eye of Solitude and Marche Funèbre Split album, as well as for Marche Funèbre's re-release of "Into the Arms of Darkness"

Pre-orders are now available at Hypnotic Dirge Records for the following two albums:

The colossal split album between England's Eye of Solitude and Belgium's Marche Funèbre.
This split album features one new song from each band, for a total of over 30 minutes of bleak funeral and doom-death metal. The album is available in a 6-panel digipack edition of 500 copies, and co-released with Cimmerian Shade Recordings.

1 - Eye of Solitude - Collapse (16:14)
2 - Marche Funèbre - Darkness (14:11)

Pre-order Digipack CD | Pre-order Digital Version

The re-release of Marche Funèbre's latest magnus opus Into the Arms of Darkness.
This new and expanded edition will include the bonus track "Lost", previously available only on the selfreleased 2015 7", and will be presented in a 4-panel digipack. Co-release with Moscow Funeral League and Frozen Light.

1 - Deprived (Into Darkness) (9:31)
2 - Capital of Rain (8:49)
3 - Uneven (12:36)
4 - Lullaby of Insanity (14:50)
5 - The Garden of All Things Wild (12:26)
6 - Lost (in the House of Doom) (*bonus track) (5:26)

Pre-order Digipack CD | Pre-order Digital version

Pre-orders for both albums will be shipped prior to the release date of February 22, 2018. Grab a copy of each album and save on shipping.

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