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PRE-ORDERS: Immensity - The Isolation Splendour

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, February 25, 2016 Under: Immensity
Finally, our new release has been sent for production and we are now accepting pre-orders for said album, Immensity - The Isolation Splendour. The album is set for official release on March 21, 2016 alongside our partners at Solitude Productions in Moscow! As always, the album is available in physical CD format and in digital format, and a new track from the album - “The Sullen” is also now streaming!


“A mature sound emanates from the memorable melodies and captivating atmosphere present in “The Isolation Splendour” combining the essential feeling of early 90’s doom metal such as early-Paradise Lost, and My Dying Bride while also providing the melancholic gothic-tinge of bands such as Draconian or The Foreshadowing. filling a thick wall of sound soaked in melancholy and grief. Immensity’s genius is not necessarily in incorporating sludgy, slow, or depressive elements but more in crafting grandiose and memorable hooks contrasted by relatively heavy and deep doom.

“The Isolation Splendour” features five brand new monolithic tracks, and also includes the two tracks from “The Lonely Aquarelle” demo so that the entire Immensity discography will be represented together. With a massive total runtime of approximately 68 minutes, the album can be described as a comprehensive yet intricate journey into atmospheric and melodic death-doom.”

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