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PRE-ORDERS: Kassad - Faces Turn Away

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, June 15, 2017 Under: Kassad

The upcoming Kassad album "Faces Turn Away" is now available to pre-order!
CD's Shirts and Strickers available!

Option 1: Faces Turn Away Combo Pack: $C30 + shipping
-Faces Turn Away CD - presented in 4 panel digipack with an 8 page booklet (lyrics included)
-Kassad Shirt: - Printed on "Tultex" shirts, available in S- XXL
-Kassad Sticker - 11cm x 7cm - all-weather, and superdurable. Will last for years.

Option 2: Kassad Shirt: $C20 + shipping
Printed on "Tultex" shirts, available in S- XXL

Option 3: Faces Turn Away CD: $C10 + shipping
Presented in 4 panel sleeve with an 8 page booklet (lyrics included)

All pre-orders will be shipped on or around July 6

"From the onset of “Faces Turn Away”, an all-encompassing sense of existential terror and claustrophobic anxiety hits you and builds to a crescendo before everything descends into dread and finally nothingness. An album about the misery, futility, and madness of modern urban life"

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