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PRE-ORDERS: Kval - Laho

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, April 26, 2019 Under: Kval
We are now accepting pre-orders for “Laho”, the second full-length album from the Atmospheric Black Metal Kval, hailing from Vantaa, Finland!!

In addition to the new album "Laho" presented in a 6 panel digipack, there is also a "Laho" bundle comprising of the CD, a Laho shirt with the Kval sigil designed by Moonroot Art, a round woven patch of this Kval sigil, a Kval logo sticker, a postcard featuring artwork from inside the digipack signed by the artist, as well as a button of the album art. We've kept the price the same as our previous bundles despite this being a larger bundle! You can also order the "Laho" t-shirt on its own, as well as both Kval full-length albums for a discounted price.

The following bundles and options are available:

“Laho” Bundle

Order here
1 - Shirt [Gildan Heavy Cotton; Available in sizes S- 2XL]
2 - Laho CD [6 Panel Digipack]
3 - Kval Sigil Round Woven Patch [9cm; merrowed edge]
4 - Kval Logo Sticker [11cm x 7cm; all-weather]
5- Laho Cover Art 3.2cm Rounded button
6 - Laho Postcard [15cm x 10cm; featuring artwork from inside the digipack; signed by artist]

Kval CD Bundle

Order here
1 - Selftitled CD [6 Panel Digipack; 2017]
2 - Laho CD [6 Panel Digipack; 2019]
3 - Kval Sticker [11cm x 7cm; all-weather]

“Laho” Shirt

Order here

“Laho” 6 Panel Digipack CD

Order here

Two summers ago, Finnish Black Metal project Kval released their debut self-titled album, an album which was originally released under the moniker Khaossos in 2015. Kval has spent the past few months writing and refining the tracks for their follow-up release, entitled Laho, the first album to be written for Kval from the start.

Compared to the previous album, Laho ("Rotten" in English) has a brighter and more colorful atmosphere musically while the lyrical themes on Laho references the decay and rot of the forest floor, applied as a metaphor for the human mind. Our inability to live in the moment, the loss of innocence, and the ever-present corrosion of our optimism and descent into cynicism encompass the themes of Laho, wrapped in captivating and entrancing Atmospheric Black Metal.

As with the previous self-titled album, fitting and imaginative hand-drawn cover art was crafted by Moonroot Art
Laho Tracklist:
1 - Valosula (9:34)
2 - Laho (10:32)
3 - Pohjanriitti (11:52)
4 - Kaihon Kuiskaus (6:15)
5 - Bonus track (exclusive to the CD) (9:44)

Laho will be presented as a 6 panel digipack and released on Hypnotic Dirge Records on May 23, 2019.

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