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PRE-ORDERS: Liminal Shroud - Through the False Narrows

Posted by Nick Skog on Monday, October 26, 2020 Under: Liminal Shroud
Today, we launch pre-orders for the release of Liminal Shroud's "Through the False Narrows"! 
Hailing from Vancouver island off the North American west coast, Liminal Shroud has been active since late 2017, released a demo in the summer of 2018, and have been crafting their momentous debut full-length album. We are now one step closer to see its imminent release on November 20.

Liminal Shroud takes inspiration from the surging oceans and mist-strewn coast as they explore themes of futility, passage, and individual and metaphysical transformation. With a three-piece format, Liminal Shroud’s sound is stripped-back yet immersive, with expansive guitars underpinned by a driving and dynamic rhythm section; kindling a form of black metal surging with atmosphere and anguish, melancholy and rage.

As with all of our releases this year, we are offering a bundle option for those who want to pick up some limited merch! The Liminal Shroud bundle includes no less than 6 items in total including the Digipack CD, shirt, patch, magnet, metallic button, and holographic sticker. Those who prefer to keep it simple can of course order the CD, shirt, or digital album on their own, and as with the last few releases, we are including a free woven patch with the first 100 CD orders which should provide a bit of extra incentive to take advantage of the pre-order!

Below is a bit more detail on the bundle as well as the shirt and CD.

Liminal Shroud "Through the False Narrows" Bundle

Order Here
-Liminal Shroud "Through the False Narrows" Shirt [Sizes S - XXL; Art by: Alayna Gretton; Printed on Gildan Soft Cotton]
-Liminal Shroud "Through the False Narrows" CD [2020; 6 Panel Digipack, 18pt stock]
-Liminal Shroud Woven Patch [Logo designed by Casus Artem; 4" x 3" (10cm x 7.5cm)]
-Liminal Shroud Magnet [Alternate version of cover artwork by Alayna Gretton; 3" x 3" (7.5cm)]
-Liminal Shroud Metallic Button [Liminal Shroud logo designed by Casus Artem; 2.25" circular (5.7cm)]
-Liminal Shroud Die-Cut Holographic Sticker [3" x 2.35" (7.5c x 6cm)]


Liminal Shroud "Through the False Narrows" Shirt

Order Here
Variation of the album cover artwork by Alayna Gretton on the front with the album title
"Through the False Narrows" on the back.
Printed on Gildan Soft Cotton by Cursed Earth Apparel.
Available in sizes S - XXL


Liminal Shroud "Through the False Narrows" CD [6 Panel Digipack]

Order Here
Released in a 6 panel digipack with an 8 page booklet including all the lyrics / credits.
Digipack material made from sturdy 18pt cardboard stock.

1 - A Hollow Visage (11:16)
2 - Tainted Soil (6:33)
3 - To Forget (8:10)
4 - The Grotto (6:19)
5 - Erupting Light (4:08)
6 - Sentinel (6:56)
7 - Lucidity (11:05)
Total: 54:30

Cover Artwork by: Alayna Gretton
Photography by: Rob Hehr Photography
First 100 CD's sold comes with a free Liminal Shroud Woven Patch

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