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PRE-ORDERS: stroszek - wild years of remorse and failures / Ekove Efrits - Nowhere

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, November 28, 2013 Under: stroszek
New Hypnotic Dirge Records Releases available to pre-order!

Today marks the start of pre-orders for the last Hypnotic Dirge releases of 2013. We are finishing off the year with new releases from two of our long standing artists which have both released previous albums through HDR! Presented is a special double-album re-release from stroszek of re-worked early material and the followup album of 2011's Conceptual Horizon from Ekove Efrits.

New tracks from both albums have been uploaded to Bandcamp for streaming and free download and of course the full albums will be uploaded on their respective release dates! 

If you pre-order, the stroszek 2cd is $8.00 and the Ekove Efrits album is $6.00 - plus shipping for both. After release, the regular prices will be $10.00 and $8.00

HDR - 034 : stroszek - wild years of remorse and failures 2CD
Release: December 7, 2013


The acclaimed early works of the folk/acoustic project stroszek have been sold out and unavailable for quite some time, but now in 2013 we are pleased to reintroduce these monumental albums in the form of a special double-album reissue which includes a complete remastering of all the tracks, as well as rerecorded vocals on the “songs of remorse” album. In total, the reissued double-album will include the “songs of remorse”, and “life failures made music” full-lengths, the “the wild hunt” ep, as well as two brand new cover songs making this a must-have for stroszek fans and collectors who missed the original versions as well as for those who want to hear the updated versions of "songs of remorse" with a more apt vocal performance. Originally released between 2007-2009, this reissue, featuring brand new album art and including lyrics and liner notes allows you to embrace the darkness and melancholy of stroszek once more. 

remorse - disc I
With carefully strummed minor key acoustic guitars, deliberate yet restrained piano lines, bursts of heaviness added for texture and deep, lush clean sung vocals that relay a sense of dread lurking beneath the surface, "songs of remorse" is perhaps at once one of the most melancholic yet accessible albums of 2007.

1 - a nightwalk in partille
2 - color of the street
3 - the night porter
4 - the house told me
5 - stones in my throat
6 - bury the bottle with me (Dick Curless Cover)
7 - the railroad track
8 - not even the half
9 - slow sleep
10 - was it worth the wait
11 - wheels to rust
12 - sand

failures - disc II
stroszek returns with their second opus, the follow-up to 'songs of remorse', with the aptly titled 'life failures made music'; and with song titles like 'the unlucky ones', 'gone by the fall', and 'land of silence and darkness' its no secret that this album is filled with crushing sadness. Take equal parts Neofolk, the fatalist mentality of Black Metal, the darkness of older Alice in Chains, the beautiful acoustics of latter-day Antimatter and the painfully soft, whispered vocals of Tom Waits and it is easy to see precisely why this crushing sadness is what makes this record so damn special.

1 - the unlucky ones
2 - gone by the fall
3 - undead hotel
4 - turn the sky to winter
5 - nighthawks and underdogs
6 - I'll keep everything
7 - the devil's chair
8 - a life failure
9 - land of silence and darkness
10 - tecumseh valley (Townes Van Zandt Cover)
11 - secret of the earth
12 - from mound to mound
13 - green jade
14 - autumnal

HDR - 035 : Ekove Efrits - Nowhere
Release: December 16, 2013


Ekove Efrits, the atmospheric project of Saman N. hailing from Tehran, Iran returns with a follow-up to the 2011 album “Conceptual Horizon.”With “Nowhere”, the fourth full-length album from Ekove Efrits, Saman shows a continual evolution in his songwriting and recording abilities, not deviating far from the sound and identity of previous Ekove Efrits albums but offering fifty-one minutes of twisted, dark, sombre, and atmospheric music intertwined with harsh black metal stylistics, female vocals, and electronic/trip-hop elements, with an added cinematic and film-score like quality which has not been present to this degree in any previous Ekove Efrits album. Certainly a tour de force for this unique project, “Nowhere” will deliver a total trip for the mind and promises to be a visual experience as well as a sonic one! This will certainly appeal to fans of Ulver, Manes, and netra, among others. Another interesting element on this album is the collaboration with Megan Tassaker, vocalist of the Australian Gothic Doom band Lycanthia whose vocals appear throughout the album and really add to the ethereal and melancholic sound. Mastered by Barry Gardner in the UK and with contributions on the album art front from surrealist Norwegian artist Jessica Enneby Eldenstjärna in addition to Saman who is a graphic artist by trade, this album aims to be a complete immersive experience.

01 - Intro
02 - Public Theatre
03 - Parallel Presence
04 - Blessed by Nature
05 - One Truth, One Confession
06 - Infinitesimal
07 - Metamorphosis
08 - Sword and Wound
09 - At the Gates of Oblivion
10 - Belong to Nowhere

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