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REPRESS: NONE - Life has gone on long enough [CD]

Posted by Hypnotic Dirge Records on Thursday, October 5, 2023 Under: NONE
Sold out now for about eighteen months, a new pressing of NONE's second chapter Life has gone on long enough is now available to order! Unlike some recent releases, this CD has already arrived at both our Portuguese and Canadian locations, so there is no pre-order, orders will ship within days!

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Life has gone on long enough takes its haunting shape through eight organic tracks of foggy mountainous atmosphere and bleak music. Moving in and out like the long shadows of an ancient forest, Life has gone on long enough intertwine and die through forlorn atmospheres, devouring and nourishing a hopeless life. 
The album is presented in a 6 panel digipack with panoramic photography.

1 - Bleak, Damp, and Dead (2:51)
2 - A World, Dead and Gray (7:46)  
3 - Bed the Cold Earth (7:45)  
4 - Hypoxic (6:59)  
5 - Corroded (5:17)  
6 - Desiderate (7:53) 
7 - Life Is Long Enough (7:56)  
8 - Illa tiðandi (Burzum cover) (6:03)

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