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SONG PREMIERE: Inherus - Lie To The Angels

Posted by Hypnotic Dirge Records on Monday, April 24, 2023 Under: Inherus
Today we premiere another track from the forthcoming Inherus album "Beholden", this time the closing track "Lie to the Angels" and my personal favourite on the record!

"Lie to the Angels is a song about betrayal in its basest form, how it affects identity. Its perception is a lifelong human struggle that we've amplified into larger than life lore. To "lie to the angels" means to betray not just in deed but in self. Facing that within and around ourselves is an experience no one likes to have, but it does build a kind of strength or second sight. One that drives you toward a world you inhabit somehow in your own light."

Lyric video was created by Anthony DiBlasi - the bassist of Inherus.

"Beholden" is releasing on Friday May 26!
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