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SONG PREMIERE: Liminal Shroud - Lucidity

Posted by Nick Skog on Monday, November 2, 2020 Under: Liminal Shroud
It's been a while since we released new music from Liminal Shroud's upcoming album "Through the False Narrows", but today we rectify that with the help of No Clean Singing

They are hosting the premiere of "Lucidity", the epic 11 minute album closer! Check it out here

Pre-order bundles available on our shop or on Bandcamp!

"The musical journey of “Lucidity” begins with a mercurial melodic riff and a vibrant humming bass, joined by tumbling and pummeling drums. That riff really gets its hooks in your head quickly, but then segues into a more despairing tone above a skipping drum beat, paving the way for the entry of scorching vocal shrieks. The music reaches a boil, the guitars writhing and roiling, screaming and wild, as the drums themselves launch into frenzied fusillades and the bass bubbles like magma. It’s a gloriously feverish sensation that catches up the listener, whirling us upward on something like an audio pillar of fire, and as the lead guitar flickers and darts, the electrifying effect grows even more extravagant.

But, as noted, this is a long song, and so further changes lie ahead. The energy of the rhythm section ebbs and flows, and while the guitars always possess the pulse of unquenchable vitality, the mood of the melody darkens, growing more dissonant and forlorn. At its lowest ebb, the song seems to cry out in grievous hopelessness — and then to soften, the notes ringing and rippling above syncopated beats and thrumming bass moodiness.

But the band set fire to that beguiling interlude in a blaze of frantic and fiery riffing, tumultuous rhythms, and cauterizing shrieks. However, there’s still a sense of bleakness in the music as the rhythms change again (pounding) and the chords slash and swirl, and the feeling at the end is one of utter derangement — perhaps an ultimate paroxysm of futility and loss."

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