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SONG PREMIERE: The Haunting Green - Where Nothing Grows

Posted by Nick Skog on Sunday, February 24, 2019 Under: The Haunting Green
Earlier this week, Cvlt Nation premiered "Where Nothing Grows", a new track from The Haunting Green's upcoming album "Natural Extinctions", releasing March 5 and available to pre-order now!

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From the article:
"“Natural Extictions” explores the distance between human nature and Nature itself in a quasi lyrical language, both aggressive and moving. The approach to the matter is almost romantic (even in the literary sense of the term), yet lays on a freshly contemporary interpretation of doom metal: the overall result is a modern album with an ancient taste, exalting the stress on the atavistic long for an irrecoverable innocence that men seem doomed to ravish.  Each song becomes, in this sense, a poetic reflection that moves between the feral and the pure, combining black metal shrieks and fine melodies, all supported by a dynamic drumming."

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