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SONG PREMIERE: Tishina - Jutro Poslednjeg Dana

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, May 20, 2022 Under: Tishina
No Clean Singing is hosting a premiere of the second single from the upcoming Tishina album "Uvod...", this time for the track "Jutro Poslednjeg Dana" (The Morning of the Last Day)

"The song creates a feeling of fiery splendor from the beginning, with big jolting grooves and a high-flying melody that darts and swirls, but shadows fall across the music when Panić‘s massive growl enters the fray. There’s still a darting and shining quality to the melody, but it begins to sound forlorn and beseeching, even though the music’s electrifying vibrancy is undiminished, and even though the lead guitar soars like a hawk made of light.

As forecast above, you’ll also discover that the song hits hard, thanks to thrusting bass lines and skull-cleaving drumwork. But it’s the song’s ringing melody and the variations on its theme that are likely to get stuck in the head most firmly. And, well, Panić‘s gargantuan growls will be hard to forget too."

"Uvod..." will be released on May 30.

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