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SONG PREMIERE: Wills Dissolve - Echoes (excerpt)

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, July 30, 2020 Under: Wills Dissolve
Head over to No Clean Singing to finally listen to an excerpt from the upcoming Wills Dissolve album, "Echoes"

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The phenomenally good Texas-based prog/death band Wills Dissolve are returning with their second album, set for release on August 28th by Hypnotic Dirge Records. It's an endlessly fascinating 32-minute single piece that narrates the interstellar journey of an astronaut in search of a new home for the last remnants of humanity. 

Today we’re presenting only an excerpt from the extravagant whole. Within the narrative of Echoes, this excerpt comes at a point when Nebula-8 has arrived at its destination and has begun to dive into a black abyss, an accretion disk composed of long-dead stars, with violent, excruciating results. Against a backdrop of shimmering ambient sounds, the listener is assaulted by jittery and jarring riffs, heavy hammering drums, and scarring growls. It’s a neck-bending sequence, but the mood of the music is tension-filled and ominous.

The music dissolves into lightness, with glistening notes and a seductively humming bass creating an ethereal and entrancing spell. Through soaring sung vocals, we’re given a window into the astronaut’s mind as he wonders where he is and fears that he is falling toward certain demise, “powerless / dying alone in this emptiness”. This interlude becomes a head-moving experience too, thanks to a riveting in-sync bass-and-drum performance, and even more enthralling, thanks to a jazzy guitar solo (the instrument tuned to resemble a tenor sax).

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