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VIDEO RELEASE: Hypnotic Dirge Records - A Black / Doom Metal Label; est. 2008

Posted by Nick Skog on Wednesday, September 19, 2018, In : Hypnotic Dirge Records 
We have released a new trailer video of our history, intentions, and goals as we approach our second decade of activity.  Soon enough, we will also make other announcements related to our ten year anniversary! 

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ALBUM RELEASE: Mavradoxa - Lethean Lament

Posted by Nick Skog on Saturday, June 24, 2017, In : Mavradoxa 
Laurentian Black Metal band Mavradoxa releases their second full-length album today through Hypnotic Dirge!
We've been quite excited about this release for some time now. 

Head over to our shop to buy a copy of the digipack and / or the limited Lethean Lament Shirt - printed by Forest Passage Printing on Tultex shirts. Alternatively, go to the bandcamp page to stream the album in full or download the full album, which is available on a name-your-price donation basis! 

Order CD
Order Shirt
Order Pa...

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ALBUM PREMIERE : Mavradoxa - Lethean Lament

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, June 22, 2017, In : Mavradoxa 
Mavradoxa's album "Lethean Lament" can be streamed in full thanks to Invisible Oranges

Too often atmospheric metal exists as glorified background noise. Maybe some bands intend for their records to serve that purpose, and maybe turning riffs into soundtracks is entirely the point. Either way, though, I don’t like it. Riffs, screaming and fast drums demand attention. Too much of this style exists for a new release to not command some kind of authority.

Upstate New York’s Mavradoxa have a c...

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PRE-ORDERS: Mavradoxa - Lethean Lament

Posted by Nick Skog on Wednesday, June 7, 2017, In : Mavradoxa 
The upcoming Mavradoxa album "Lethean Lament" is now available to pre-order!
CD's Shirts and Strickers available!

Option 1: Lethean Lament Combo Pack: $C30 + shipping
-Lethean Lament CD - presented in 4 panel digipack 
with an 8 page booklet (lyrics included)
-Lethean Lament official shirt. Double-sided, red/white print on black shirt,
printed on "Tultex" shirts, available in S- XXL
-Mavradoxa Sticker - 11cm x 7cm - all-weather, and 
superdurable. Will last for years.

Option 2:  Lethean Lam...

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FREE DOWNLOADS: Hypnotic Dirge Records 2013/14 Compilations available now!

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, December 6, 2013, In : Hypnotic Dirge Records 
FREE DOWNLOADS: Hypnotic Dirge Records 2013/14 Compilations available now!

Presenting the latest edition(s) in the annual Hypnotic Dirge compilation albums which have always been (and always will be) available for free download. This year, due to the enormous size, we've decided to release two compilation albums simultaneously. 

The compilations are divided into vaguely Black Metal and Doom Metal variations. It's not an exact science due to the diversity of bands and tracks included, but the id...

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Distribution Update: 30 New Titles added!

Posted by Nick Skog on Wednesday, April 17, 2013, In : Webshop Additions 
A new selection of releases have been added to the distribution section including albums by Funeral, Pantheist, Mourning Beloveth, Paganland, Thy Catafalque, Panopticon, Obsidian Tongue and a lot more! Some essential doom and black metal in these new additions for sure.

Here's the full list:

HDR - D - 454 : Marche Funèbre - Norizon EP
HDR - D - 455 : Myrkvar - As en bloed
HDR - D - 456 : The Reckoning - Counterblast
HDR - D - 457 : Mrykvar - Als een Woeste Horde
HDR - D - 458 : Ascend-ency - Regre...
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