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Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, October 9, 2020, In : Webshop Additions 
New titles from Vendetta Records are in the shop now!

VEN186 ULTHA - Belong 
VEN196 Sinistral King - Serpent Uncoiling
VEN197 Afsky  - Ofte jeg drømmer mig død
VEN200 Glemsel - Unavngivet
VEN204 Sunken  - Livslede

Back in stock again:

VEN151Afsky - Sorg
VEN153 Wilt - Ruin

You can check out everything we distribute from Vendetta Records here

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Webshop Update - August 2017

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, August 3, 2017, In : Webshop Additions 
We have brought in a very limited assortment of vinyl from Vendetta Records in Germany. As of now, we only have 2 copies of each of these in stock, but if this goes well, we will continue stocking these and other vinyl releases from Vendetta.

Due to high international shipping costs for LP's and especially Double LP's, we recommend that you order directly from Vendetta Records if you live in Europe. Ordering from us makes more sense if you are from Canada or the US.

Latest Additions Link


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DISTRIBUTION: Hypnotic Dirge now distributing new label catalogs!

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, May 12, 2017, In : Webshop Additions 
DISTRIBUTION: Hypnotic Dirge now distributing new label catalogs!
May 11, 2017

We're launching a new "Distribution" section today. The intention behind this is to host a large amount of certain labels' catalogs much like we've been doing with Solitude Productions over the years. 

You can read a bit more about it in the new Distribution Index page.

We'll expand this idea to more labels as time allows! For now, we are distributing releases from the following:

Solitude Shop

Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Shop...

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