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Webshop Additions: July 2019

Posted by Nick Skog on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 Under: Webshop Additions
A long time coming, but here are some killer new albums added to our shop from Casus Belli Musica, Vendetta Records, Solitude Productions, and Naturmacht Productions

**Special offer** The first two orders of 3 or more Solitude Productions releases will receive a copy of the limited "Solitude Vaults: 13 Years of Doom" compilation on eco-sleeve

List of new additions:
Casus Belli Musica:
CBM030 Tamerlan - Luciferian
CBM041 Aurora Borealis - Apokalupsis
CBM042 Claret Ash - The Great Adjudication
CBM045 Forest of Gray - Crypsis
CMB051 Realm of Wolves - Oblivion
CBM053 Nebula Orionis - Starthrone
CMB054 Délice - Sillage
SK117 Tamerlan - Infinitgrammaton

Razed Soul Productions:
RZD134 Mute Ocean - Ascension

Naturmacht Productions:
NP046 Depicting Abysm - Immersion
NP099 Epitimia - Thread

Eye of Solitude - Slabves to Solitude

Vendetta Records
VEN128 : Verheerer - Archar
VEN151 Afsky - Sorg
VEN152 Wild Hunt - Afterdream of the Reveller
VEN153 Wilt - Ruin
VEN154 Spectral Wound - Infernal Decadence
VEN158 Anicon - Entropy Mantra
VEN161 Yith - Immemorial
VEN162 Svartmalm - Svartmalm
VEN167 Ayyur - The Lunatic Creature
VEN173 Sun Worship - Elder Giants
VEN180 Imha Tarikat - Kara Ihlas

Solitude Productions:
SP141 Majestic Downfall - Waters Of Fate
SP006D Tales of Dark - Fragile Monuments
SP143 Urza - The Omnipresence Of Loss
BMM085 Helevorn - Aamamata
BMM086 Ars Onirica - I: Cold
BMM087 Amber Tears (Янтарные Слезы) - Когда Нет Троп (When No Trails)

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