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Webshop Update - August 2017

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, August 3, 2017 Under: Webshop Additions
We have brought in a very limited assortment of vinyl from Vendetta Records in Germany. As of now, we only have 2 copies of each of these in stock, but if this goes well, we will continue stocking these and other vinyl releases from Vendetta.

Due to high international shipping costs for LP's and especially Double LP's, we recommend that you order directly from Vendetta Records if you live in Europe. Ordering from us makes more sense if you are from Canada or the US.

Latest Additions Link

VEN103 : Ultha - Pain Cleanses Every Doubt (Single Sleeve Red Vinyl)
VEN111 : Wode - Wode (Single Sleeve Black Vinyl)
VEN115 : Void Omnia - Dying Light (Single Sleeve Black Vinyl)
VEN120 : Ultha - Converging Sins (Double Gatefold White Vinyl)
VEN122 : Old Graves - Long Shadows (Single Sleeve Black Vinyl)
VEN132 : Ancst - Furnace (Single Sleeve Black Vinyl)
VEN133 : Woe - Hope Attrition (Single Sleeve Black Vinyl)
VEN 135 : Ashbringer - Yugen (Double Gatefold Black Vinyl)
VEN136 : Tongue - Tongue (Single Gatefold Black Vinyl)
VEN137 : Solbrud - Vemod (Single Gatefold Black Vinyl)
VEN138 : Numenorean - Demo 2014 (Single Sided Black Vinyl with Art)


We've also added the following CD's to the Vendetta section of our shop:

VEN132 : Ancst - Furnace
VEN134 : Hexer - Cosmic Doom Ritual
VEN137 : Solbrud - Vemod

Combo Packs

If you are interested in picking up an assortment of our releases for a discounted price, we've set up the following combo packs in our shop:

Combo Packs Link

Black Metal Merch and CD Pack: 
$C75.00 + shipping (discounted from $C90.00)

-Mavradoxa Shirt (Black, M- 2XL)
-Kassad Shirt (Black, M - 2XL)
-Kval Shirt (White, M - 2XL)
-Mavradoxa - Lethean Lament (Digipack CD)
-Kassad - Faces Turn Away (Digisleeve CD)
-Kval - Kval (Digipack CD)
-Mavradoxa, Kassad, Kval, Hypnotic Dirge Stickers
-Possible Bonus Material 
(depending on what we have around and how much we can add before a shipping increase)

Black Metal CD Pack:
$C48.00 + shipping (discounted from $C60.00)

-Obitus - Slaves of the Vast Machine [Jewel Case]
-netra - Ingrats [Digisleeve]
-NONE - selftitled [Digipack]
-Mavradoxa - Lethean Lament [Digipack]
-Kassad - Faces Turn Away [Digisleeve]
-Kval - Kval [Digipack]
-netra, Mavradoxa, Kassad, Kval, Hypnotic Dirge Stickers

Doom Metal CD Pack:
$C42.00 + shipping (discounted from $C55.00)

-Odradek Room - Bardo. Relative Reality. [Digipack]
-Atten Ash Band The Hourglass [Digipack]
-Norilsk - The Idea of North [Digipack]
-Subterranean Disposition - Contagiuum and the Landscapes of Failure [Jewel Case]
-Vin de Mia Trix - Palimpsests 2CD [Digipack]
-Hypnotic Dirge Stickers

If you already have one or two of the albums in the pack and would still like to get an assortment of releases from us, message us as we'll likely be able to do substitutes as long as it doesn't increase the shipping rate. These packs were chosen as the best representation of ourrent releases in these styles!

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