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Webshop Update - February 2015

Posted by Nick Skog on Sunday, February 1, 2015 Under: Webshop Updates
Webshop Update - February 1, 2015

Only a small update this time as our focus is with our own releases! However, a couple of interesting items in this small update include the new issue of Forgotten Path Magazine (Issue 6), as well as some really cool (and incredibly limited) Morphinist shirts - of which we only have 4. One Black - Large, One Black - X-Large, One White - Large, and One White - XLarge.

-All albums listed below are in this section

HDR - D - 642 : Obscure - selftitled
HDR - D - 632 : Morphinist - The Pessimist Session
HDR - D - 644 : Australasia - Vertebra
Forgotten Path Magazine; Issue 6
Morphinist T-Shirts [Black and White]

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