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Webshop Update: March 2016

Posted by Nick Skog on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 Under: Webshop Updates
Webshop Update - March 2016

Almost all of these albums have arrived from Obscure Abhorrence Productions, and Solitude Productions (the exception being Funeral Fornication's new album) so expect either some dirty raw Black Metal, or atmospheric Death-Doom Metal. I haven't had a chance to listen to most of these albums yet, so I cannot recommend any in particular but I expect good releases from both of these labels. Of course, on each album purchase page on the webshop, there is a Bandcamp or Youtube player with the full albums streaming, so you can obviously preview the albums beforehand.

Latest Additions
-All albums listed below are in this section.

HDR - D - 843 : Karg - Malstrom
HDR - D - 844 : Vargsang - In the Mist of Night
HDR - D - 845 : Warwulf - In the Glare of a Dying Horizon
HDR - D - 846 : Sentimen Beltza - Pagopean
HDR - D - 847 : Sapaudia - Furvus Spiritus Ancellus
HDR - D - 848 : Morgon - Black Light of Liberation
HDR - D - 849 : Pure - Art of Losing One's Own life
HDR - D - 850 : Ende - The Rebirth of I
HDR - D - 851 : Funeral Fornication - The Lamentation

SP - 111 : Ennui - Falsvs Anno Domini
SP - 113 : Camel of Doom - Terrestrial
SP - 114 : When Nothing Remains - In Memoriam

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