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Posted by Nick Skog on Tuesday, April 2, 2019 Under: English
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Published: April 2, 2019

There are good releases and then there are those albums that crawl under your skin and make you crave for more. NONE has continuously delivered some of the most punishing and bleak Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal releases since its inception and “Damp Chill of Life” is yet another brilliant addition to their discography. Filled with haunting atmospheric elements and just the right amount of heaviness, this release is one of the best in the genre for 2019, so don’t miss out.

After the atmospheric opener, the album title track kicks off the release properly with an enigmatic pace and punishing distorted guitars. Additional atmospheric elements create a very vast and desolate soundscape that will immerse you in misery and sorrow. If the previous song was not punishment enough, the minimalist opening to “Cease” sets a very grievous mood with sparse piano notes to warm up. The song’s climax comes with heavy distorted guitars, crushing vocals and a killer slow pace.

Exploring more bleak and desolate passages, “You Did a Good Thing” is a very interesting track featuring some dramatic samples and a tense progression. This last song perfectly builds up the momentum for the gut wrenching screams of “It’s Painless to Let Go”. The musical core is quite rudimentary, but it allows for the atmosphere to fully take over and create some dissonance which makes the songs even more engaging and powerful.

Showcasing true mastery of pacing and layering of elements, “I Yearn to Feel” is another brilliant song that slowly builds tension to lead up to the closer: “A Chance I’d Never Have”. With the somber acoustic guitars leading to ravaging aggressive sections, this close is a brilliant end to such a emotional release. If you are in the market for a band similar to Lustre, An Autumn for Crippled Children, and Lifelover, NONE is one hell of a band to discover. Getting better with each release, “Damp Chill of Life” is definitely their most demoralizing and powerful release to date.

Rating: 94/100
Reviewed by: Dark Emperor

In : English 

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 Released: April 11, 2019
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Genre: Atmospheric / Depressive Black Metal