SONG PREMIERE: NONE - It's Painless To let Go

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, April 5, 2019 Under: Release News
Invisible Oranges is premiering a "new" NONE track "It's Painless to Let Go" today!

The new album "Damp Chill of Life" drops next Thursday April 11, and all pre-orders will be packed and shipped during the latter part of that week (April 10-14 or so).

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Invisible Oranges Premiere Link

From the article:
Plodding but seamless, the album captures a picture of meandering around daily life with that pesky dark shadow in tow. With no clear beginning or end to the throes of sadness, the detection of rise and fall is often subliminal at most. Acoustic breaks are accompanied with gasps for air and piano strokes are offset with desperate whispers, exemplifying how it doesn’t necessarily bend in the face of beauty. “It’s Painless to Let Go” especially anchors the album with its gripping riffs that build before breaking into an unplugged interpretation.

Together, the facets of Damp Chill of Life place another solid release under the belt of NONE, who has mastered the art of taking constant sorrow and turning it into consistent composition.

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