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Published: March 29, 2021

Nordicwinter is another great project from the Québec area. However, if you came into this expecting the trademark sound from this region you might end up being surprised. While a lot of the more well known bands from over there rely on fast tremolo runs and catchy lead melodies Nordicwinter is a different beast. Mournful harmonies and epic soundscapes are paired with deep emotions and a certain level of melancholy. To a certain degree Nordicwinter could be classified as DSBM, but there is also a more positive vibe presented by the beautiful instrumentation. “Sorrow” is just captivating piece of music and probably the best material Evillair has created so far.

An acoustic intro starts the journey, seamlessly leading to the first of many crawling grooves with heavy-hearted harmonies hovering over the stoic main chords and the subtle rhythm section. Piano sequences and symphonic elements make sure that the atmosphere is immense over the whole playing time. The music convinces with impeccable songwriting and masterful balance of melody and subtle aggression. The tempo is kept pretty slow most of the time, but can surge up at a whim in a few moments, with stellar harmonies and torturous screams providing assistance. There are acoustic and ambient passages sprinkled over the whole album, highlighting the strongly melancholic nature of it.

Psychedelic and atmospheric avenues are frequently explored, and each track and interlude is constructed with thought, imagination, and skill. The whole album is embedded in a hypnotic aura, making it easy to lose yourself within the music without noticing, and lose track of time, while listening to it. This album is for fans of immersive music who are seeking more than just a bunch of single tracks bundled together. Some of the key sequences are so powerful that you will find yourself humming the melodies even when not listening to the album. Evillair has risen above the sea of mediocrity and produced another unique gem for the conscious music listeners out there seeking music that is authentically sinister.

Evillair is a masterful creator of songs and memorable moments, and “Sorrow” brutalizes and mystifies with a compelling tale of darkness and despair, but with some glimmers of hope as well. He paints vivid pictures with materials consisting of elements from old and new black metal, with strong melodic, atmospheric as well as the mentioned DSBM influences apparent in the end result too. A lot of emphasis has been put on creating a deep and somehow creepy atmosphere, with most of the guitar playing sending waves of loneliness and despair. The production is once again perfectly fitting, raw and pure but somehow diversified at the same time. Maybe this time of the year is not 100 % fitting as the days have become longer, the temperature has started to rise and the sun is dominating more often, but I urge you to not sleep on this album and make sure to get a copy while available. Darker and colder days will again be upon us soon enough, and then you will be happy to have the perfect soundtrack.

Reviewed by: Edmund Sackbauer

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 Released: March 26, 2021
Genre: Depressive Black Metal