Review from Metal Wave Webzine

November 22, 2013
From: Metal Wave Webzine
Published: November 22, 2013
*Google translation of Italian review

Americans of Massachusetts Obsidian Tongue arrive at this second album mileage under Hypnotic Dirge Records, the record company that seems to have a penchant for the more diaphanous sonorities of Black Metal. It does not change the music with Obsidian Tongue, atmospheric black metal duo who prefers precisely this kind of sound. 

At a superficial listening there would be every reason to frame this album in the usual (hated) post black metal vein canvas Fortunately, however, "A nest ..." is something more: it is not too hard a doom and black metal with one side short and unnecessary, as other bands do. Here the black metal is more prevalent and integrated into the compositions, making the album a bit 'more than the plethora of "Agalloch wannabe" exists, and you can even listen to some sound diversification between song and song, with "The birth of tragedy "which incorporates some element of Enslaved, choral parts in the opener Pantheist style riffs and more personal in the second" Black hole in human form ", with among other things, a sound conclusion perhaps not entirely necessary, but that adds variety. And all this despite a graphic that does not affect me and made ​​a good sound but where the guitars lack a bit 'of sharpness in the fast parts. 

It's basically a hard enough successful, this, that, however, is not without fault : The quality of composition comes and goes. First of all, in fact, tracks like the opener "Brothers in the stars", but also elsewhere, you can clearly hear that the disc is in the root of doom, not black metal, and for lovers of doom is for this genre, with a few moments scratching and only one (in "Black Hole in human form") that has not given me the idea of "accelerated part but could also be slow without much changed." And apart from some digressions sound a bit 'insistent and unnecessary, as in the fourth and fifth song, sometimes the songwriting of Obsidian Tongue gets a little' pretentious, as if the songs were stretched out in force without there being the need to ask all last at least 8 minutes. The conclusion is entrusted to the title track, a song purely doom, choral and guitar riffs that draw typically tragic doom and flavor. Needless to say, this is the best song. 

Despite gave me more feelings than usual post-black metal disk, and fail in certain important objectives such as those influences to propose better mix between them and try to be personal, "A nest ... ", however, still has some flaws to file: a musical personality has still not well defined in some parts, there still remains a disc more doom than anything else, and at this point one wonders if a more vocal variety and a detachment from the temptations black metal is not recommended to increase the iridescence of the band. But despite these flaws, what can not be denied is that Obsidian Tongue did work knows that differ by at least partially from the other disks post black metal, and it has some songs compelling and fully successful, although, I repeat: this disc made me smile, but frankly the hard post / atmospheric black metal that strikes me and makes me mad I have yet to hear it. 

Purchase the album is recommended for fans of doom and black metal of the post due to a greater originality and a Quality is not questioned.

Rating: 66/100
Reviewed by: Snarl

Review from Lachryma Christi Webzine

November 21, 2013
From: Lachryma Christi Webzine
Published: November 20, 2013

Obsidian Tongue, Black Metal band from USA released a few months ago a new album called A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time through Hypnotic Dirge Records.
Even though the two member band formed in 2009, they sound as if they have been playing together since always.

This is their second album and hopefully they will present us with so many more like this, so good! It is very atmospheric, very melodic, very tuned and serio...

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Review from Sic Maggot Webzine

November 8, 2013
From: Sic Maggot Webzine
Published: August 20, 2013 [missed it until now]
*Google translation of Czech review

Obsidian Tongue is a group of Massachusetts in the United States dedicated to atmospheric form of black metal. Of course, black metal music, which in my humble opinion, had become primarily to the atmosphere, whether in any form of the genre, but here it is downright one of those forms, which we call direct atmospheric black metal, which is a matter which in North America re...

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Review from Miasma Magazine

October 18, 2013
From: Miasma Magazine
Published: October 18, 2013

“Atmospherical black metal” seems to be quite a hot thing what it comes to genres in the United States nowadays, and the band in question, Obsidian Tongue, also is a player in that same field. This album, A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time, has been blessed with quite a lengthy name and is their second full-length release, of which the previous one was last year’s Volume I: Subradiant Architecture. As has been the case wit...

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Review from ZWare Metalen Webzine

October 16, 2013
From: ZWare Metalen
Published: October 16, 2013
*Google translation of Dutch review

Obsidian Tongue from Massachusetts is best known as the band of Brendan Hayter , who had to work here at Woods of Ypres . He took out for his new album with a drummer , a good thing as it turns out . Obsidian Tongue brings black metal , of a particular kind .

Which in A Ravens Nest or hear in the Throat of Time , I can best describe as modern Canadian Cascadian black and black , but less than 90 % on ...

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Review from Global Domination Webzine

October 9, 2013
From: Global Domination Webzine
Published: October 5, 2013

OT: Oh hi guys, look at my new record! It is called “A nest of ravens in the throat of time”“
Everyone else: ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Except one guy: Cool dude! Let’s listen to it and drink a couple of Pabst blue and do some promo pictures using my analog camera!
OT: Super awesome, we know a couple of trees which are close. If we do it right we will not even see the sidewalk and it will look as if we was in a ...

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Review from Aristocrazia Webzine

October 7, 2013
From: Aristicrazia Webzine
Published: October 7, 2013
*Google translation of Italian review

The Obsidian Tongue were made known in 2010 with the demo "demo tape" and subsequently had proposed the first album entitled "Volume I: Subradiant Architecture" came out in 2012 and that he had received good feedback from both listeners and critics alike. In 2013 this fall instead on the scene with the second disc supported by collaboration between the Canadian label Hypnotic Dirge Records an...

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Review from Post Christ Webzine

September 23, 2013
From: Post Christ Webzine
Published: September 23, 2013
*Google translation of French review

A year after his first album Volume I: Subradiant Architecture , OBSIDIAN TONGUE returns with a second album where the United States duo takes the ingredients of the previous album highlighting the method, but without making a record actually better ...

The set consists of six titles rather long, that is to say an average of more than 8 and a half minutes, a few distinctive style as they dig ...

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Review from Rock Freaks Webzine

September 20, 2013
From: Rock Freaks Webzine
Published: September 20, 2013

The American black metal scene is thriving these days. Not only are lots of bands popping up all over the country, many of them are also really good. Obsidian Tongue is yet another name in this USBM uprising. Formed in 2009, the band currently consists of drummer Greg Murphy and guitarist/vocalist Brendan James Hayter. Stylistically Obsidian Tongue clearly take inspiration from two quite different bands from their country, nam...

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Review from Ave Noctum Webzine

September 19, 2013
From: Ave Noctum Webzine
Published: September 18, 2013

Not the catchiest of names or titles I’ll grant you but one I would urge you to remember as if there’s any justice, you’ll be hearing it a lot more over the next 12-18 months. I was introduced to this Massachusetts-based duo courtesy of their fiery performance at 2012’s ‘Winter is Coming’ festival in Connecticut and was immediately struck by the power of their set. For a two-piece (Vocalist/Guitarist Brendan Hayter ...

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