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Published: October 7, 2013
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The Obsidian Tongue were made known in 2010 with the demo "demo tape" and subsequently had proposed the first album entitled "Volume I: Subradiant Architecture" came out in 2012 and that he had received good feedback from both listeners and critics alike. In 2013 this fall instead on the scene with the second disc supported by collaboration between the Canadian label Hypnotic Dirge Records and Dissociation Records. How is "A Nest Of Ravens In The Throat Of Time"? 

In May this year Brendan had introduced the album: We took a slower and less aggressive, spacey kind of approach with the new album. We wanted to conjure a hypnotic atmosphere That perpetuates through the record, yet we wanted to cover a lot of ground within That atmosphere, conceptually and emotionally. We infused a lot of very personal ideas and feelings into these songs, almost too much to list. All I can really tell people is, "A Nest Of Ravens In The Throat Of Time" is our lifeblood, our mission statement, and really the only thing we give a fuck about right now."

 As far as I'm concerned we are before the completion of a significant step forward, as the work of the duo (the other member is the drummer Greg Murphy), while bringing to light a sound and emotional bond that connects it to reality as Wolves In The Throne Room, Alda, Agalloch and Ash Borer , seems to have found a balance both rhythmic and atmospheric able to provide that quality to the songs that would allow them a repeated presence in the CD player. The six songs on this second effort of the U.S. show a diversity of sound that - in addition to venture into territory classically black-pollution - has more dilated in its early stages, ranging from the almost psychedelic doom, a great variation: see for example the first track "Brother In The Stars", a song in which the voice is accompanied by the clean guitar sound with a "floating". The clean vocals turns out to be a nice weapon to use and lends itself to enrich repeatedly testing of Obsiadian Tongue, raising the value, per se tall, dark and melancholic episodes such as "The Birth Of Tragedy" (marked by a second part with outcrops of veins acoustic), the dynamics of "individuation" and the poetic "A Nest Of Ravens In The Throat Of Time "(where John Haughm part of Agalloch.) 

The album ultimately does not invent anything, but thanks to some elements from the sensations to the limit with the post-rock and stable at the confluence of different sensations constantly keeps alive the ' attention: in this training has been good, having packed fifty minutes intense and introspective music, getting ready to go into raptures the followers of this specific view. If it were, there remains that mark you the title and take possession, in a collection already rich would still his "dirty" picture.

Reviewed by: Gabriele Strano

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