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Published: August 17, 2013
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Obsidian Tongue come only a year after their debut album "Volume I: Subradiant Architecture" with a new disc into the record. And this album gives me enough reason to enthusiasm again, because the duo has refined its Trademarks and made ​​a few subtle changes. Inspired me already feeling the depth of its predecessor, Obsidian Tongue end up with this year's output of a direct hit. There is, first and foremost, the improved sound, which gives the songs more transparency in order to assist them in their effect and increase. To meet the six songs next to riot again epic dreaminess and depressive rapture. The best description provides the text line: "Four winds of unbridled passion have become four winds of unfathomable grief", from the opening track 'Brothers in the Stars'. Move the six songs on the album, which has absorbed the atmosphere of Ash Border, Wolves in the Throne Room and Falls of Rauros between these two poles. A touch controls Agalloch John Haughm with his guest during closing track still with. That the excellent start Obsidian Togue mood fits, does not need to be stressed out. growls to give Obsidian Tongue, the clear voice gets more space, and that's a good thing. The handle to the feeling chest is deep and it requires security target, in order not to slip into sticky-humid lowlands term. Here Brendan James Hayter shows absolute sovereignty and authenticity. 'My Hands Were Made To Hold The Wind' (what a title!) Reminiscent of 'Frozen Leaves' from its predecessor. Artfully grated lyrics go straight to the heart. Stoner-heavy vocals midst of 'The Birth of Tragedy' brings casual Südstaatenvibe into play. In 'individuation' drive Obsidian Tongue then brisk groove on, they slow with longer instrumental passages and contrasting clear and raselrauhen singing. , but the song that is passed in front of everyone: 'A Nest Of Ravens In The Throat Of Time'. Quiet and spacey beginning, this track comes up with the most delicate and most depressive moments of the disc. For hours you want to listen here. But the rhythm section redeemed rough and hoarse vocals enhance the mystery and the drama is gradually increased. Since nothing can reach it, there's nothing about it. Emotion stage!

Rating: 9/10
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