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Published: August 1, 2014
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I do not know the onset Volume I: Architecture Subradiant (but I promise that I'm going to find out, maybe I should do so before talking about the new creature but some things "just happen"), then entry into the world of Americans Obsidian Tongue takes all 'dark, thanks to the usual, talented label overseas Hypnotic Dirge Records . By now it's safe-or quasi-(depends on the individual and unique claims) with her ​​so that I could certainly not the slightest doubt about the goodness of A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time . Obviously, then, that when you find an opening track as Brothers in the Stars go with the mind beyond "the vague and positive first impression" because a piece of such a high level is a pure blunder psychic who happens to really feel a few times (especially a few times so upset by someone completely unknown to you), music that you nailed to the floor or the chair depending on the circumstances, resounding example of how to handle still tune to impress without the need for further unnecessary frills ( one of the most beautiful riff ever for me, stop). After an opening like that things are a bit all to hell, every expectation "fucking" because you were expecting something is good, but you were not quite ready for THIS; then it took having to do a "brainwash" lightning for change "in the running" degree of attention and expectations towards the product, wait for the perpetual enjoyment arrivals. Instead what happens in the remaining five songs? The answer is obvious as you may have realized by now, our unable to repeat the magic, or rather "that" magic, a hint of disappointment makes its appearance once digested, but one can not help but highlight also the quality of the product. It is however difficult to downsize (maybe it was better off without that song who knows) but at the same time-for those who have the ability to soprassedere- nice things to comb through no shortage of, so in the end the positive vote comes more than fair and deserved patience so if for a moment we thought of something else, it all comes back, and at the end of A Nest Ravens in the Throat of Time becomes mockingly exactly what I had predicted at first glance.

To describe the type of Black Metal played by Obsidian Tongue , you can bring up those names that have recently helped to give the same a "different color", the classic exchange of air in a room locked in too long, with the draft that remains present without completely invade the surrounding atmosphere, an atmosphere that is balanced on a melodic Black Metal as much passion. Agalloch , Wolves In The Throne Room , Woods Of Ypres and the last Enslaved , these are the most famous names who will tell us whether A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time will be material to us or not.

The Obsidian Tongue know nothing about the word "hurry", every single song does not seem to want to show against the "all at once", each of them begins to take off his clothes in half by taking down every small / large possible minute, so only in a second time we understand the goal of this meticulous work the hips, this essence so cumbersome and slow when the "really slow" resides however in other places. The voice gives us the sorrowful side and evil (as are occasional moments so-called "epic", and guessed all ready to leave your own memory), strengthening of the compositions that are always looking for the solutions we say "less likely" in this context, managing well or evil always amazing (boredom go away). Taste it will not be easy, because this music is not never descends to terms, the class is there, but maybe you did not notice right away, you have to take time, perhaps more than many similar cases, because when you go to compose a musical form of this type are thought to their welfare in the first place, and then to the other, this is clear, albeit with a distracted listening. A waterfall in the future will swell their appearances, but in the meantime we taste it as it is, in all its beautiful, mellow bitterness.

Constant and intimate fluctuate going to sew in continuation of opaque openings / closings.

Reviewed by: Duke "Selfish" Fog
Rating: 70/100

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