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From: Post Christ Webzine
Published: September 23, 2013
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A year after his first album Volume I: Subradiant Architecture , OBSIDIAN TONGUE returns with a second album where the United States duo takes the ingredients of the previous album highlighting the method, but without making a record actually better ...

The set consists of six titles rather long, that is to say an average of more than 8 and a half minutes, a few distinctive style as they dig their inspirations around (without losing coherence) and with internal contrasts evident. We find a set of special guitar and keyboard keys carefully measured, sometimes grazing with electronic music, but never abandoning the melody. This is certainly not conclusive, it is distilled in a rather calmly rich music that has a good construction: the breaks are numerous and (this time) all the instruments are controlled. The drumming is more successful and is no longer linear as the first album. The trend here is yet to sink too often in the mid-tempo passages too soft, which keeps the pace moving and do not ultimately interested in the seat melodic. Similarly, if the Black Metal voice remains significant and there are more serious voice, choirs present here and there more than anything else to undermine the overall assessment. He moved progressively music without much relief where no escape really interesting passages.

Beyond the purely musical aspect, nothing to say ... positive. The atmosphere is not noticeable and dark concept barely discernible on the previous album is now even less clear. The video does not help: again a three-page pamphlet without interest, but now there are more credible pocket to compensate. They shall not take effect in this last little credit, both conceptual and aesthetic.

An album too dull on the bottom as the shape to be interesting. While there is a formal work quite worthy, better than on the first album, but it is based on nothing. It is a pity!

Rating: 2.5/6
Reviewed by: Ballberth


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