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Published: August 20, 2013 [missed it until now]
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Obsidian Tongue is a group of Massachusetts in the United States dedicated to atmospheric form of black metal. Of course, black metal music, which in my humble opinion, had become primarily to the atmosphere, whether in any form of the genre, but here it is downright one of those forms, which we call direct atmospheric black metal, which is a matter which in North America really know how, quite certainly, there are bands whose plates are of high quality and that over time, spontaneously formed one of the many developmental branches of a spreading of the genre - and just one of those shows that not only build on the classic procedures 90 . years, the black metal work. Obsidian Tongue but not to those who would after this imaginary path of the North American atmospheric black metal walking first ... at the very beginning is not worth while, but are exploring recently. The emergence of the group dates back to January of 2009, still in the form of a one-man project of Brendan James Hayter . At the end of the same year, it also adds drummer Greg Murphy and in this form of work Obsidian Tongue today. Last year she appeared their full length debut, "Volume I: Subradiant Architecture" and now the duo followed with a sequel, which comes with a very interesting cover and a very interesting title "A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time" ...

"A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time" is for me personally premiere gathering with music Obsidian Tongue , because with such a debut, I had the honor. The gentlemen here present it as a mature group that has a clear vision of what and how he wants or does not want to play, which then corresponds to the very final form recording. It is - very calmly that we can tell you right now - very good to excellent and well worth hearing. However, since it is too trivial to the verdict, which reviews do not really like the look of that board to tooth detail, because despite the undeniable quality and still paying to listen to the recommendations here are a few thing that regarding "A Nest of Ravens in the throat of Time " should be heard, either in the positive or negative sense.

Let's start with what is in my view not strictly positive, although in this case and at this rate while it is nothing, because what should be recording downright cursed. The point is that the above "Ravens Nest in the maw of time" powerfully circling name one other group and often her own wings hide the expression Obsidian Tongue - Agalloch . Maybe it's a little unfair, but I can not help these portlandští náladotvůrci are the alpha and omega "A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time" and their influence noticeably speaks into the album. Whether it Obsidian Tongue doing intentionally or unintentionally, during the entire 50 minutes with a man named Agalloch recall quite often, and some moments as if you fell out of the workshops of the group, for example, mention the third "My Hands Were Made to Hold the Wind" , in whose some passages it is so noticeable that it was really an art to hear. I do not claim that they were Obsidian Tongue mere copier Agalloch , because it is in no way, however, there is very noticeably feel one overseas duo with folding plates so affected. I therefore certainly not a coincidence that he himself John Haugh personally, frontman and main brain Agalloch , on "A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time" contributed his vocals as a guest.

On the other hand, John Haugh definitely longer hosts kdekomu, and when they rarely appear somewhere, can I assume (although in his head, surely no one can see), it will be a matter to be something addressed, and whereas, in what respect creation Agalloch behave himself, and that to me is a small sign that the "A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time" something. And wonder of wonders, indeed it is. Quite soon I found out that I do not mind the similarities and listening to the album enjoying it anyway. And the reason is very simple. If we had merely entertain music website and its quality, then we come out completely unambiguous result, namely that "A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time" is a great thing. The board's composition is well built, has a strong and carefully crafted atmosphere and has enough power to make a man convinced that for listening and for some time certainly is.

In order to Obsidian Tongue swung his music from "very good to excellent 'to' good to great ', lacking a little step up from the above-mentioned effects and more to add to his own expression, it purely because the composer page are on by all well and obviously already have the ability to write a motherboard that can handle tighten more than 50 minutes, bored and even provoke the audience to repeated listening. A really honestly believe that it Obsidian Tongue really are, because of their music, I feel a huge potential in the future to make the album and was really excellent. As already said more than once, and "A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time" itself is engaging enough recording to get her to recommend a dime, and honestly, I can guarantee that at least those of you who can not wait for some new material from as many propíraných Agalloch , you will enjoy this achievement and will love them too.

As for the numerical evaluation, "A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time" at my apartment is exactly on the border between 7.5 and 8 points, but given that I very much like the album cover, and that is my whole conduct Obsidian Tongue , despite some of these flies overwhelmingly sympathetic (if only because it took me a while before I came on board grasshopper - on first listen, it certainly was not, nor the other does not), this time driving upwards.

Rating: 8/10
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