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Published: September 15, 2017

In October we will get the second ODRADEK ROOM work , "Man Of Silt" through Hypnotic Dirge Records. A conceptual work that investigates in Buddhism but through a European symbology, framed in an abstract journey towards the self-understanding of the person in a cyclical and changing journey. And they do it with a progressive doom similar to groups like IHSAHN, OPETH ...

"Arising in the void", begins our journey in an instrumental, short and precise way besides introducing oriental elements and a music box to join "Selfness". The Ukrainian band leaves from its beginning marked patterns, a dense progressive and dark doom, with riffs of bass guitars that intermingle with passages full of melodies where the guitars take control clean to create an extra terrestrial atmosphere. To this is added the keyboards and a set of voices that vary between deep guttural and deep, others more torn and aggressive and tones clean and melancholic. This first cut almost instrumental, takes us to "Texture of reality", one of the topics that I like the album and that perfectly condense everything we have talked about in an elegant and mystical way,

"Mirror labyrinth" opens with a firm and sinister step in the middle of the album, being one of the most aggressive cuts throughout the album with powerful stanzas marked by guttural voice and a central part full of light and melancholy with vocal tones clean. "Rain Trip", puts a turning point in the album dominating the female voice and metal wind instruments such as saxophone, trumpets ... to create a very original and full of sonorities, another highlight of the album. The final part of the album is framed in "Silt Flower" and "Divide", two extensive cuts that condense the spirit of ODRADEK ROOM, with a great versatility in terms of rhythms, passages and atmospheres, but music predominates over the lyrics of this cyclical journey to the soul of the human being. A pleasant experience that I take with these Ukrainians, although sometimes they may seem repetitive, always introduce small elements that contribute that difference in their songs.

Reviewed by: Juan Angel Martos

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 Released: October 12, 2017
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