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Published: October 14, 2013
*Google translation of Danish review

Odradek Room comes from Ukraine and have released their debut album "Bardo. Relative Reality "on Hypnotic Dirge Records. This cooperation surprise in any way, since the record company has a taste for bands that are over in the slightly darker atmospheric department and preferably not have too many limits in their musical universe.

Odradek Room swimmer primarily around the doom metal genre, but the lock is not completely fixed in the classical framework. The seven tracks on the album are all of relatively long duration (with 'River' as the shortest at just over five and a half minutes), and the cause seemed to be in order to make room for variation in songwriting. The listener kept mostly not stuck in the same piece for several minutes, as they sometimes do in doom metallen, but we are taken on a tour of a diverse universe, with several corners and recesses of the band's atmospheric mind.

The vocals are in the mother tongue (I assume is the language!) And guitarist / singer Artyom Krikhtenko uses both growl, clean singing and chattering vocals. This adds of course a little more to the varying expressions.

One of the band's strengths can be said to lie with guitarist the tag on the slow mournful and melodic inputs, which are a part of. They are incredibly good at creating a floating, dreamy scenario, and even the more heavy and hard-hitting pieces also fit well into Odradek Room, it's really in these atmospheric passages, the pulls the listener in the country. During the first through-listenings are unfortunately often to confuse some of the quieter pieces with each other, making each of the songs a little similar at first.

"Bardo. Relative Reality "is generally heard a good little doom disc. It might seem a bit massive to get through, and it requires a special mood, but it contains many fine pages. Not a masterpiece but still recommended for fans of the genre. Give them a listen.

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Released: March 9, 2013
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Atmospheric Death-doom Metal