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From: Atmosfear Magazine; Issue 11
Published: April 2013
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Without doubt the Ukrainian team ODRADEK ROOM able to chain my attention and seemed to long. Title I now pronounce the difficult and confusing letters in it, but once you hear this name, it will not forget. Is the debut album of Ukrainians and initially they promote it to the masses, but now with the support of the label will be more fun. What band plays ODRADEK ROOM? Something psychedelic. Guards. Based on okolodumovyh styles. There is also a death metal riffs and growling too common. But fragile atmosphere rests on the psychedelic elements and is most impressed me the most. Hard to compare the music of Ukrainians with anyone. There are, of course, a little bit from some post black metal groups. And okolodumovymi Italians VOID OF SILENCE parallels can be, although the much darker. In any case, this is a very impressive debut and I recommend it to you.

Rating: 9/10 
Reviewed by: Neophyte 

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Released: March 9, 2013
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Atmospheric Death-doom Metal