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Published: May 6, 2013
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Grey as proposed by the young Ukrainian music, the atmospheric doom-death tinged moods " post "not breathing itself the joy of living. In itself, this is absolutely not a problem, because in this genre a significant number of first-rate works were created on full gray background. No, the problem is that Bardo. Relative Reality.  's not very inspired, simply. Except for the fact qu'Odradek Room is expressed in what appears to be their native language, and the beginning of "Theatre of Forms" somewhat surprised by the applause of a dummy public, not only the work n offer nothing original, but all sorely lacking in conviction. Whether in the many parts of heavy guitars and melancholic largely inspired by early Anathema and Katatonia (acoustic passages of "Theatre of Forms" bear the mark of the legendary Swedish), be it a few times when the riff is heavier (the beginning of "Faded Reality") or aggressive (the end of "Cold Light"), the group, without giving in poverty, never really convinces. 

 Supported by a mixture of voice tampered aroma death metal and a relatively clear cutesy song, as on "Inflorescence of Silence" and "Suffocation" (as that seems to be in no way a tribute to Americans of the same name), the music flows along the ears listener without skinning their eardrums, but without actually going into the ear canal. The scope of "passing post "of" River "and its voice does not change the case. Only the end of the quasi-instrumental "A Painting ..." raises the pressure of several millibars with its mixture of crystalline sounds and metal aggression, but before that, we had to mix fader doom-death and post- not really famous rock without being hateful, mix that, having said that, perhaps entertain fans () Sigur Ros who were lost in this land. We will not deny that the formations of Eastern Europe still have a particularly melancholy perfume, and this album is no exception to the rule, but is this enough to cause the interest of the masses? As for the reference to the Bardo Thödol, only specialists in Eastern languages ​​will know if the depth of the texts honor the sacred Tibetan Book ... 

Neither good nor really bad. Neither white nor black. Neither for nor against. The first album Odradek Room is neutral, so much so that one could have imagined that the group comes from Switzerland. Dogs aboyent, Bardo. Relative Reality.  passes, and should trigger a priori neither fervor nor the indignation of the masses. The post-atmospheric doom-death Ukrainians is honest, but sorely lacking in flame. That may be the goal, after all: Buddhism does not encourage the howling sound surges and other metal which our Western ears are accustomed. In this case, the guys have accomplished their mission perfectly. Otherwise, the copy is still in review.

Rating: 10/20

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Released: March 9, 2013
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Atmospheric Death-doom Metal