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June 18, 2013
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How important is the technical implementation of the overall impression conveyed by the album, is always only if there is exactly at this weak point - must serve as an example of today unfortunately the Ukrainians Odradek Room.

For as good as the quite elaborate ideas of force may be also consistently: all too often fails the edibility of technical shortcomings. In the case of "Bardo. Relative Reality "at the beginning to generally be dull sound, which sometimes just sounds too much like homework, and ends with a couple of detuned guitar tracks. At least in the latter case one has to do with a shortcoming that should be really be found on any CD ... now matter how low the budget settled.

This is just regrettable, Odradek Room have a very interesting mix of death metal riffs with growls, quiet passages with clean vocals and slightly weird sprinklings to offer on their album. Though less technically adept, this part reminds some quirky mix - not least in terms of the clear vocals - to the Spaniards of Kathaarsys. But know this to inspire already full while some pieces, and Odradek Room pointing straight into the Quiet passages quite unexpected strength, the work of Hungarian works elsewhere compositionally not fully developed and can miss a bit of the proverbial "red thread" - too bad actually.

All in all, "Bardo. Relative Reality. "Certainly a decent debut, on which you can be proud of as a band. Equally, however, it is clear that the musicians think after the second album with a smile on his lips back to the first-and must demonstrate that the successor in many ways has become better - otherwise I see no great opportunity for Odradek Room on a wide listenership.

Rating: 5.5/10

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Released: March 9, 2013
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Atmospheric Death-doom Metal