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Published: March 28, 2013
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Kafka must have affected not just the trio of Ukraine in question as Odradek Room is the name of a story by the brilliant writer. However these three shady characters unexpectedly come from the East offering something that without a doubt I can recommend to lovers of the French project Alcest, type of music that is having serious repercussions throughout the duration of this "Bardo. Relative Reality "for an hour of Atmospheric Doom, slow like snowflakes falling without wind and boring like a record that has nothing original but here you go to parry personal tastes. 
What weight of "Bardo. Relative Reality "is pretty much summed up in a few lines because I believe that now set a clean guitar with reverb and delay on the high bpm bass and harp slightly has become a bit 'too out of fashion since the time of Swallow The Sun, Katatonia, and in fact, the last-Alcest. Band emblazoned to the end that have always made ​​good music despite everything and that are almost sold-out view of the enormous amount of aficionados. 

What you can hear in bands like the ones mentioned above, you can listen to these Odradek Room, dull, romantic, with glimpses to Black Metal (from distasteful or otherwise) and compositions that go so far as to exceed 12 minutes ("A painting (Digging Into The Canvas With Oil)") always choosing the road of ' atmosphere sad and melancholy. 
course is to say that there have put a lot of effort but, to shake up, there is still much work to do to get out from the crowd. Now is one of the many bands playing similar music and remain in an ordinary context, we need a little 'courage and a bit of originality.

Rating: 59/100

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Released: March 9, 2013
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Atmospheric Death-doom Metal