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From: Mortem 'Zine
Published: June 2, 2013
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About surprises abound even in the doom metal core, so one such seed today jointly crack. This time, our paths will lead to the east, to the port of Mariupol, where in addition to pollution and heavy industry does not seem to be envied. But something did. In Kafka's literary heritage in the title and Far Eastern culture in Tibet musical ideas that are debuting Ukrainians Odradek ROOM. The band that impressed me not only an unusual name and routing mind for Mr. Buddha and his fat balls, but mostly alone musical rendition. When talking about this band, still talking mostly doom metal tongue with leaps to death dialect, but the floor gets too avant-garde speech and speech-known and often crosses the unexpected phrase, which, however, the music fits perfectly Odradek Room.

At the beginning it was clear that this pořešená issue is the right thing for my mournful me, that just does not want to suffer from exhaustion and frustration, but once in a while to watch the different feelings that may not necessarily mean a final rest. Aside from the fact neprůrazného relatively sound and the formation of the Ukrainian quartet offers sweeping compositions full of twists, mysterious atmospheric loops, with up to overtly terrifying charge and hunger for a story that takes place on the album. And what is particularly important. The resulting sound like ice clung so in the case of mass namakané riff driven band, but hardly Odradek Room. I must stress that when I talked about the surprise, it's positive what it entails, is precisely the atmosphere with which the Ukrainians concerns. Thanks to it, then never mind that it does not track more than ten minutes and the album reaches nearly an hour. This album call for this, it's an experience, an evening listening in a controlled environment where there is no place for something shorter, disturb and break down awkwardly. With this atmosphere, we are much more than in the harbor on the coast, we are somewhere along the way air and light step, if we have already hit the ground.

With "Bardo. Relative Reality "we will see how death metal growl, unadulterated doom and gloom, or just come dreamy ambient moods and various progressive trills disturbing its complexity, nor excessive pointing to something that can not easily understand. Although Odradek Room uploaded to various transformations and motifs rich album, but also the board, which includes compactness and effort to keep your music in one direction. Towards the Ukrainian reality unappealing cities farther east, in all humility and sensitivity. The expedition carries with it sometimes difficult stops and places where people get scared, but it's by no means discourage the belief continue. Yes, this record takes time, but it is not something, why would not find their way quite naturally and without detours. "Bardo. Relative Reality" is the kind of album that you either absorb and you will experience an unusual hour in the company of moods, or let you go on. I am extremely happy because I found a band that can, despite the worse conditions and still some nevyhranost, odvyprávět very intriguing doom metal story.

Rating: 8.5/10
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Released: March 9, 2013
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Atmospheric Death-doom Metal