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Published: April 24, 2013
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What can save Kafka relationship with Tibetan Buddhism? I think as reviewing the curricula vitae of this band with unusual name. The tormented vision of Prague writer, full demons and loneliness, it may fit with the premises of doom. As in Kafka's work, Odradek Room project images and shadows of our unconscious. There is beauty in the decadent and the perception of reality in a world so complex can be really puzzling.

Managing a strange concept that takes "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" and wraps of surrealism and subliminal images, this guys from Mariupol, Ukraine, we have an extensive and ambitious album progressive death-doom post-rock touches, which appeared a year earlier with a different nomenclature and presentation and have re-recorded for the Canadian label Hypnotic Dirge.

Whether your style attracts you, their referents could be Novembre and doom-metal groups like Green Carnation progressive or Sea Grey, Odrarek Room is a group, not trying to fit into fashion (if so be dedicated to a new style) it is difficult to pin labels (go from doom to experimental and acoustic jazz tones), do not put things easy when selling your proposal (making five minute singles is something that does not fit into their plans) and composes music transmitting honesty. Wherefore definitely deserve our attention. That said, let's go over pros and cons of this recording.

"Bardo. Relative reality "is an album that takes time and dedication. Not for here I catch you, here I'll kill you, you can eat in your car. It is an experience of almost an hour through to get carried away by the madness and especially moved by its beauty. The softness of crystalline notes, carried by the reverberation that delay its passage to somewhere in the past, is interspersed with heavy riffs. Topics formed from acoustic chords and arpeggios, creating a heady atmosphere delicious melancholy and sourcing the best results when displaying naked. Long instrumental passages, a place where tempo and rhythm changes atypical wrap classicism. All this, plus restrained symphonic touches, are the main ingredients of "Bardo".

Room Odradek members are relatively mature musicians, as if we consider close friends show us photos of your last trip through this strange experience we call life. This is evident, especially if we take the previous cover of "Bardo" as a metaphor but stays empty now that previously were filled with everyday.

Songs like "Inflorescence of silence" contain great melodies, where the voice roughness forget even creating a relaxed atmosphere. Chords simple, unhurried rhythms that convey a dreamlike feeling that sometimes breaks suddenly.

Highlight "A painting (digging into the canvas with oil)" theme and included in the compilation "Doom-art 2009" can be glimpsed as exercise more complex, sinister and successful album. A piece near the gothic doom with progressive touches, where deploying all technical devices based on slow blues riffs full of appetizing, experimental touches regarding arrangements, good arpeggios, voices ripped, etc ... Similarly to other of his compositions, changing mood and styles mix , of psychedelia to the force of doom, is the keynote. A bloodcurdling scream emerges from his dark abode to catch it despite himself. At the end, include a small dose of symphonic and the battery goes from simple rhythmic patterns about something more complex with no sign of being forced structural foundation of the song. Sometimes discrete details are what work best.

And now for the cons, which oddly enough there are. I think sometimes excessive laps to give the same patterns, extending and repeating the defensive too much, the same way that virtually put some parts are not repeated in the same subject. Besides so many bands playing, one can lose sight of what you are hearing. In the last issue "Cold Light" dare to plan a black metal riff (min. 4) and a voice more typical of a depressive or Nyktalgia Lifelover.

Moreover, the disk production is excellent, clear, warm acoustic parts, but significantly improved in tone and distortion amount used in more aggressive attacks. When executed thick riffs, guitars sound as heavy fail they should. Opt for the contrasts but this strategy limps at times. The clean parts sound great, while the contribution death / doom does not always get the desired effect.

Overall, Odradek Room is versatile, covering multiple records in both voice (demonstrating that the Russian may sound sweet) as strings and drums. They have good ideas and technique in the compositional aspect, which makes them more desirable than many other groups of the same style. "Bardo" is an album built out of contrasts, delicate textures and atmospheres where lost. A great debut that discerning fans of the genre should not miss.

Reviewed by: Ko.Re
Rating: 8/10 

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Released: March 9, 2013
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