Review from Pure Nothing Worship Magazine; Issue 2

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, December 19, 2013 Under: Album Reviews
From: Pure Nothing Worship Magazine; Issue 2
Published: February 2014

"Bardo. Relative Reality" is the debut album of the young Ukrainian quartet, delivering  honest, well crafted atmospheric death doom. This album is an emotional journey through paths laden  with dark, suffocating death doom, entwined with profoundly melancholic post-rock elements and crushing despairing riffs. Featuring really rich compositions and song structures, the mood is rooted in nostalgic,deeply melancholic setting, and conveyed  through straight-forward death doom, ambiental passages with strong leanings of post rock and deeply emotional riffs. 
An hour long introspective voyage, emotional and unique, heavy and dreamy, it can be safely said that this is a perfect, flawless debut album of this young band. Short review, since no excessive words should be wasted...this simply must be heard...get it!

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Released: March 9, 2013
500 Copies (250 digipack, 250 jewel case)
Atmospheric Death-doom Metal