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Published: April 21, 2013
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Straight from the wilds of ' Eastern Europe , more precisely from the Ukraine, arriving four guys who want to have their say in the world of metal, releasing their debut album " Bardo. Relative Reality ", released on March 9, 2013 by Hypnotic Dirge Records . The name of this young band is Odradek Room , inspired by the eponymous short story by Franz Kafka .

In addition to having excellent taste in literature, even the kind that engages the quartet is impressive: since the early minutes of the full-length you can find a massive presence of doom and post-metal very atmospheric , but the band is often labeled as Progressive Melodic Death Metal. However, their sounds are seasoned with typical alcestiani ideas and progressions that often refer to the post-rock : it is therefore a job that we recommend to lovers of the so-called new trend blackgaze that is all the rage these days.

" Bardo. Relative Reality "is a hard monolithic , heavy in its 58 minutes, but also in the background, so it takes several listens to digest it fully and listen again, because this is an album of cataloging and difficult at times incomprehensible . It would be pointless rambling and analyze each individual track, because each is both the same but also different from the others, so we can only listen to us in the first rough idea of what they want to communicate Odradek Room. It has a very hard, very guitar, imbued d ' arpeggios and chords that are repeated obsessively to the extreme in order to emphasize that this is primarily a work of atmosphere , but also shows that the most aggressive with sharp guitars distortion. Behind the drums you can hear the drummer focus very much on the plates, especially in the quieter parts, while the bassist is simply relegated to the accompaniment, except in the very long " A Painting (Digging Into the Canvas with Oil) , "in which we can finally heard in an arpeggio bass. As has already been able to understand, the proposal is not bad in itself, but refers to the sound of doom too modern ( Katatonia of all, but also Alcest ) and raids more black metal certainly do not make it lighter. Some episodes are really wordy and indigestible for those not accustomed to these sounds, but if you immerse yourself completely in the world of Odradek Room you can appreciate very much all the tracks. 

The fact is that these areas have already been explored extensively , and although these four Ukrainian audition much change the dynamics in each piece (which is absolutely to be commended), the result is still the best because they can not make the disk and particular to have a personal sound . The episode that still stands out is the most relaxing of all: " Suffocation ", with an excellent performance throughout the entire opera singer who feels very little. If you love dreamy discs, arpeggiated and melancholy , You find bread for your teeth, and do not recommend listening to " Bardo. Relative Reality "to those who have never tried post-rock/doom metal, not because the album is absolutely ugly, but it is accessible to those who do not like of the genre

Rating: 60/100 

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Released: March 9, 2013
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Atmospheric Death-doom Metal