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May 25, 2013
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If you are a band in the title of this article so far heard, certainly has no reason to be regarded as some uneducated. For example, I did not until recently did not have a Odradek Room any idea which of course changed when I got to hand their actual debut "Bardo. Relative Reality" , which to some extent for noteworthy. Part may be našince this Ukrainian band interesting, if only because of its name refers to a Czech writer, namely Franz Kafka and his fleeting short story "The concern of the head of the family" - literally fleeting, because it is only five odstavečků. They revolve around a vague entity, whose name is Odradek, and here we are at home, where the band name comes from. This interest, however, does not end when you're at it, since the name of the album itself and its concept was based on "Tibetan Book of the Dead" and her thoughts. But what Odradek Room offer musically?

Basically, you could say that the band is probably the closest to the melodic death metal with occasional stirrings of doom. Perhaps at this moment you say that, given the thematic focus of the band it may sound a little dull, and that would therefore expect something a little less ordinary. Honestly, I was at the beginning as well as such a mind I put in the player and very flat. But as the very first listening soon reveals unusual in that she really is hidden, even from this genre classification may not be apparent at first glance. Odradek Room is on your genre is trying to look a little more progressive lens, which they did quite successfully and thrive. As a result, we can therefore say that the group is actually with what you mean by melodic death metal present most of us associated more formally as the stylish phraseology, but in terms of the music itself, the atmosphere or concept has considerably less. But what is quite good, although still not anything that should not have taste fan of melodic death metal, it's just - speaking with a slight exaggeration, since in any case not to say that there should be a classic melodic death metal for Morons - a little smarter. And that sounds pretty interesting, is not it?

Home plate caters song "Театр форм" , which is actually possible early peak "Bardo. Relative Reality" , personally I liked her very first listening, actually, until now, I consider it the best piece of plate, which is able to cope only final " Холодный свет " . But back to "Театр форм" - now beginning sounds very promising, if protracted in gloomy tones will be heard in the background sort of chimes, which implies a bit grotesque contrast, however grotesque in a good way. Gradually, the mighty riff starts with a rough growling, but it's just another passage of eight and a half minutes long composition that will soon spill over again elsewhere and on - especially middle song is downright awesome. That's how it is, however, essentially the whole board, perhaps because it is not the song that would end well, as started, some common forms of rehashing classic verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo-chorus-end is not here. Odradek Room on the contrary desert to more complex and larger compositions, which at least in terms of scale clearly dominated the third "Картина (впиваясь в холст маслом)" , which quite handily topped twelve-border. The point is however that Odradek Room and is a genre in which it is not so usual - not saying that these are the only Ukrainians, which is definitely not, but it's still refreshing.

The only fly for "Bardo. Relative Reality" I see that despite its progressive approach plate gradually begins to flow quite paradoxically, in a little lethargic pace, which is particularly Wednesday album - after all, that's why I said above that I seem to be the strongest home recordings and then its end, because it's usually up to the penultimate "Река" to me from that slight lethargy pulls. This does not claim that it was the middle of "Bardo. Relative Reality" somehow boring - because it is something else entirely. I simply gradually figured out that when the board'll play just as backdrop, nothing much can be taken away from her, so I enjoyed each song, I have to concentrate on the music a bit. But at this concentration after a while one cuts through, thoughts planes to be so "Bardo. Relative Reality" again becomes "backdrop", just a bit higher level than the common basis for any work to contemplation and reflection - at least in my case follows debut Odradek Room fugu. Whether or not this is a positive or negative aspect, it must have each of you to think about yourself. Either way, in both cases, I think it does not change the fact that "Bardo. Relative Reality" very good thing that for quite worth hearing. And if we take it from a more general point of view not only the actual album, but the band, then it is a clear proof that Odradek Room certainly have the potential to come in the future with good music.

Rating: 7.5/10
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Released: March 9, 2013
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