ALBUM RELEASE: Odradek Room - A Man of Silt

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, October 13, 2017 Under: Release News
The second album from the progressive doom metal band Odradek Room from Mariupol, Ukraine, entitled "A Man of Silt" is officially released today as a joint release between Hypnotic Dirge and Solitude Productions!!

The limited 6 Panel digipack is still available to order, and as of today, the regular jewel case edition is also available.  

Limited 6 Panel Digipack
Jewel Case Version
Odradek Room Discography (both albums for $C18 + shipping)

Order from Solitude Prod
Russians and Europeans - it might be worth your while to order directly from Solitude Prod

Odradek Room is currently preparing for their performance at Doom Over Kiev on Sunday October 15, which will serve as their album release show at the monumental ten year anniversary of this great Doom Festival.

The "Man of Silt" album explores the nature of personality, and is based on approaches and conceptual understanding of buddhism, but utilizes a system of european symbolism This is a story about an abstract travel of a human from nothingness to nonexistence, during which he tries to see and understand himself. He sees his personality melting and rising, splitting and merging. He sees that his personality is nothing more than a combination of figures like on a chessboard in Herman Hesse's magic theatre. His personality is conditioned as everything else is in the world of forms. The human sinks in his own scaring, sick illusions and consciousness projections, and sees clear light and clear nature of reality. This story has neither a beginning nor an end, everyone who is born, who considers himself an individual, walks through this cycle...but in a new way each time. Everything is constantly changing...But in some way stays the same. Until one realizes this cycle. 

The album should appeal to fans of doom metal in general, but also listeners of prog metal bands such as late- Katatonia, mid- Opeth, Ihsahn -Official-, and Devin Townsend

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