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May 14, 2012
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√Član O'Neal and his Old Forgotten Lands project are not well known, in all probability only the meager crowd of listeners hungry for dark ambient sounds, neo-folk music or otherwise it is primal and essentially atmospheric entry may already know of the project, thanks to works such as the previous full-length "From Ethereal Forests To Mystic Mountains" and the split "Equinox", platter, which sees them share the space with the Canadian project, Ancient Tundra. 

Old Forgotten Lands belonging to the roster of the Hypnotic Dirge Records and the label Skog to encourage the promotion of their second album "Primal", a record that confirms the minimalist attitude and strongly anchored in primordial sound choices. To enter contact with nature and pristine stretches endlessly recreated in the mind from the traces must leave behind the noise "human", the representations of concrete that defy the skies of our cities, and any sign of civilization or pseudo. We must fully immerse in a nature that he signs his living space with the vibrations of the earth and the song of the rain, with the rapid movements of the wildlife and the orchestrations, or not perceptible to humans, issued by the wildlife that engage and disengage the 'air. 

The music reflects this approach by using empathy and instrumentation of the private component "electricity", which buries in a bag of existentialism dark and melancholic, but not flaunting that side using some kind of folklore "happy" tune. There are cycles and Recycle that continually exacerbate or alleviate a sense of infinity that can make the dream of toil for his perspective of a nothingness that is never complete, in that sense the beautiful simplicity of the first "Renewable Neverending ..." and later "... With Each Prevailing Wind" capture your thoughts, locking it into a dimension stripped of the unceasing flow of time. And the voice? The voice is a presence that is there but no bursts, is bowled over by compositions that alternate with constancy and consistency of a number of sounds and instruments, are many of the classical guitar to violin, dall'accordion to stick to the synth horn, the flute and again, and again, are added and disappear giving way to others who will, and the voice is there, ready to intervene to see her be so, but avoid "contamination" with positions lasting more than due to a scene that is painted and framed from the essential course of events. 

Praise the provision of "Primal" but does not want to say that is free from flaws, a listener accustomed to certain styles might emphasize that production is not the "maximum", which they present a kind of banality or we can define a continuous repetition of themes that we just want to exchange for a latency of ideas and who knows maybe a raw form of power engaged to act as support could provide a dynamic and add value to a similar proposal, speculation of the case more or less valid depending on what you're looking for in music. As often happens with such discs, the work of Old Forgotten Lands is a take it or leave it, there is no middle term, if you decide to undertake the journey into the world of "Primal" the qualms aside and listen to metal to which you are connected daily, is a tribal ritual in which only two things matter: you and nature. For lovers of dark-ambient purchase is definitely worth pondering for the rest, well, at least one attempt, do it, the charm of some forms of art needs to be discovered and lived, after a couple of "on air" if you will realize will be for you or it will be time move on.  

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            Released: March 10, 2012
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