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Published: April 19, 2012
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Old Forgotten Land is an entity hard to define: neo folk? black ambient? Well, to be honest I guess it’s something more within its essence, mysterious, inscrutable, related to the Nature and its magnificence. It’s something so primitive, ancient, a creature which shapes odd melodies within field recordings, which creates peculiar, minimalist tunes using a lot of unconventional instruments (singing bowl, tambourine, stones, glassware, bodhran) with the addition of some acoustic/classical guitars and some evocative vocals…surely a piece of work with an intense, atmospheric, experimental flavour. Quite difficult to indicate a single episode, “Primal” is a deep immersion, to be enjoyed as a long, meditative walk into the radiance of Nature. During the listening you’ll constantly have the impression to come close to something pure, organic: I mean, the sound seems to be unprocessed, unrefined, as raw as it was recorded, also with some inaccuracy, but that’s absolutely not a negative point, not at all, I think it just adds fascination to the whole, hypnotizing experience. Everything’s so mystique, captivating, enchanting, even in its minimalism…as in “Renewal Neverending”, a moment I really like with its mesmerizing progression. Well, just open your mind and feel “Primal” flowing through your spirit…you won’t regret. 

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            Released: March 10, 2012
                            300 Copies
                  Dark Ambient/Neo-Folk